Spam Spam Spam!

I made it to 35 years, 9 months and 12 days without ever trying so much as a morsel of Spam. Yesterday, Mo Mommy came over to hang out and while the day away -which we do on a fairly regular basis- and she volunteered to cook dinner for the fam. Spam Sandwiches. Oh, yeah. I kid you not.

You can take the girl out of Alaska, but not the Alaska out of the girl. I hear Spam is quite the popular victuals up in the state that houses ANWR and baby seal galore clubbing… so, to honor my friend (It’s almost as much friend-love as scooping peanut butter into smaller containers- almost…!)….. I tried it. And… Well…while I might not ever try it again- it’s not as horrible as I had feared. Kind of like meat-flavored packing peanuts. If there was nothing left to eat, anywhere, ever again, I would chose Spam over eating my own children.

I might even choose it over marshmallows or jell-o. But that’s a push.

25 thoughts on “Spam Spam Spam!

  1. What did your kids think of it? I will eat spam if you fry it and put it on a potato roll (from Costco is the best) with mustard! Haven’t had one forever. One of my brothers LOVES the stuff. In Hawaii McDonalds sells it on the menu (like with breakfast, can’t remember about other meals), its huge there!

  2. Jeff took a few bites, but asked me this morning to never make it again. I’m actually proud of him for being polite(!), Bean, of course, ate Ritz crackers and peanut butter, Abby ate quiche and threw the Spam on the floor. David, however, ate THREE sandwiches.

  3. I liked this post from the very first sentence……that’s because it reveals that you’re older than me!

    Finally. I grow weary of all these young blogger whippersnappers cropping up around me while I’m trying to take my nap and choke down some more Geritol.

  4. I’m glad that SPAM Missionary, Sister Mo Mommy has converted you to the pork by-product gospel.

    I will be sending you a member comfirmation from headquarters. Save it because it will bear your record number and a darn good SPAM Casserole recipe.

  5. I am I the only one who knows the song? Spamitty-spam-spam-spam-spam-spam!

    I used to like it when I was a kid, so I bought some a few months back and thought the salt would kill me. The kids thought it was so-so, but they like bacon much better. (You know… in the lots of fat, pathetic protein, pork products food group.)

  6. We grew up eating fried SPAM sandwiches and SPAM as a breakfast side. I haven’t had it since I left home, and I can’t say that I’ve missed it. I can, however, highly recommend the SPAM website. It is extremely entertaining. I suggest clicking on the “What is SPAM?” button at the top menu and then scrolling through the questions answered in The Book of SPAM. It’s a good time.

  7. I grew up on SPAM. Not all of the time – but frequently enough that it wasn’t a rarity and for my parents to have some in their food storage at that time.

    As an adult, after years of not having any, I had some once and thought, “What was I eating all those years?!? This stuff is disgusting!!” 🙂

  8. SPAM beats natto (Japanese fermented beans that you can smell from a mile away) – but just barely and only if limited to once a year.

  9. That’s ANWR by the way….Philistine.
    Slice it thinnish, fry it to a golden brown, serve on toast with mayo and sliced tomatoes, preferably fresh from the garden. Seriously, it’s better than you’d think!
    And Jeff ate almost the whole thing! He just doesn’t like tomatoes, so that threw off the Spamwich zen. I can’t help that he’s just used to his mothers gourmet cooking…..

  10. You mean to tell me that Mo, who doesn’t like hot dogs, likes SPAM?!

    I feel like Sam I am right now, but not on a train, or in the rain, with a fox, on a box, or even with botox.

    Just give me a toasted cheese sandwich with fresh sliced tomatoes, please. I will pass on the Spam.

  11. I hate SPAM. Growing up, my grandmother used to make spaghetti and SPAMballs. It was nasty and disgusting, but my parents made us eat it because we had to be polite to Grandma. Grandma, you are in Heaven and I miss you, but I DON’T MISS THE SPAMBALLS!!!! EWWWW!!!

  12. Hey, EVEN Tracy (lol), I didn’t mean it as a slam or anything, just that there are some of us internet peeps who ARE older than you! 🙂

    So glad that Ray passed on playing Gross Out this time! (Actually, he was probably somewhere else in the bloggernacle playing Comment Tag…)

  13. Hey, I’m not one of those “Spam can do anything!” people. There are a few distinct ways to prepare spam that are yummy. I’m thinking spamballs are a definite NO.
    For a really fun time for adults at birthday parties and such, give everyone a block of spam and make them carve it into something. Last time we had a pagoda, a tiki statue, a couple cars, and a humvee. Good times, good times…

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