The Pioneer Woman

Most of today has been wasted deliciously spent reading through the archives of my new favorite blog- The Pioneer Woman. Seriously. This woman can write, is talented in a million ways, and her blog is beautiful. Most of you probably already know about her, but I didn’t- she’s my new BFF. Mine and the ten thousand other people that read her- Yes, there is a post with over TEN THOUSAND comments. Bow down.

13 thoughts on “The Pioneer Woman

  1. Every recipe I have ever tried from her blog has been amazing. You have to make her apple dumplings made with canned crescent rolls and Mountain Dew! I made them at our family reunion over the 4th and everyone was in love with me. I’m not kidding.

    She has amazing give aways too – but with 10,000 comments – your chances of winning are like one in …. 10,000.

  2. I love her too….I just discovered her a few months back, and she’s fabulous! Does anyone know if she makes any money off her blog? I’m always curious at how she can have so many fabulous give-a-ways. Maybe i’ll ask her!

  3. She is awesome, I use the recipeis all the time.. and she is legendary. She has an archive you can totally get lost in. It is the kind of blog that I love to read b/c it doesn’t make me leave feeling that I am “less than” b/c I don’t have her life. We will never be a cowboy family so I can read and enjoy with NO PRESSURE>..

  4. Her photos are beautiful, and she is a crack-up. I haven’t tried any of her recipes yet, but I have spent many an hour drooling over them. I just saw the apple dumplings recipe last night and am going to try it this weekend.

    I think she has some blog sponsors. She was writing about how she is doing something for the 3-a-day dairy campaign. I assume she is being compensated. I couldn’t care less. She is one of the best writers I have ever read.

  5. OK, I pause in the middle of the seventy-five post long love story between these two to curse your hide for pointing out ANOTHER fantastic blog. It’s going to require a crane to get me out of this chair by the time I finish reading just this part of her blog. (Which is a weird kind of way of saying, thanks for the link.)

  6. I’ve had Ree bookmarked for about four years now, maybe five. Her site has gone a gazillion transformations, and each time it gets better and better. What I love most about her is her willingness to share with others. Need to know a technique? Just email her. She’s amazing.

    She definitely lifts your spirits! All those chaps. 🙂

  7. Forget Martha Stewart…I read The Pioneer Woman.

    [Although I can’t read her blog when my husband is around; (“all those chaps” as chronicler put it.) 🙂 ]

  8. Update: I tried that apple dumpling recipe and it was gross. Too buttery, too sweet. The only good part was the actual apple itself.

    We also tried her smoothie, which was a huge success and a good use of those strawberries that were lingering in my fridge. The honey/yogurt combo was a little different but very tasty.

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