Bright and Shiny New

In the middle of the rattle-y chest cough and horrid summer cold I’ve managed to contract, some good news came my way this morning…

A new nephew has joined our family. All reports indicate mom and baby are doing well, fingers and toes are all present, and baby is darling. Still awaiting a name; but a baby-day is always a happy day. Welcome, sweet little one.

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15 thoughts on “Bright and Shiny New

  1. So not having baby names ready to go when the baby is must be some kind of family tradition eh?
    Gratz to the fam, from the whole wide blogosphere!!

  2. “You’re an uncle!”

    Is that an inside joke this poor guy just doesn’t get? – and congratulations to the extended family.

  3. Nope- I wondered about that one too, Ray! But I know who JS is, and I know she is sweet, so I’m not too worried about it! I am, in fact, a bona-fides, card-carrying Auntie.

  4. Knowing JS, it’s probably an obscure quote from a movie. She’s pretty awesome that way.
    Or she’s just being funny. She’s awesome that way too.

  5. let me tell you…On DH side of the family when one of his sisters (he has 3 sisters) announced she was preggo, one of the other sisters told her to let her know if she was going to be an aunt or an uncle…meaning was she going to have a boy or a girl. So now its a big joke when someone in the family has a baby, are we going to be an aunt or an uncle!? Strange, I know, sorry I forget that the weirdness, well, doesn’t fall far from the tree…or something like that! I’m not all that great at jokes, so if it left you itching your head, sorry!

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