OK, my little experiment is over…I was fiddling around and ended up spending far too long trying to make a fun new site creat what I wanted. The best way for me to explain it is to just send you there- Wordle. It’s a logarithm that takes your blog URL, or whatever text to give it, and creates a typographic piece of artwork. Words that appear more frequently are larger, you can tweak the font, colors and layout, and it is addictive! Give it a shot… But don’t say I didn’t warn you! You may be surprised which words show up…

11 thoughts on “Wordle

  1. No-! That’s just a sample I pulled. I’m too tech-dorky to know how to pull a sample of my own. No, on mine, the largest words were HAIR, LIKE, REALLY, ENOUGH and GOOD.

    Someone did one earlier with The Lord’s Prayer and it was beautiful…

  2. I am glad to find out it is a sample. I was going to come here to say I was shocked that you use the word libido more than the word blessed.🙂 I think it is definitely the other way around.

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