A Hideously Narcissistic Look at my Week

Because I know how much my midnight ramblings stir my dear friends, and how stagnant my thoughtful posts seem to languish, I shall post a terribly navel-gazing look at what’s been up at my house since I waxed poetic on Sunday morning.

Abby’s little yellow birdie dress is done, and she loves it- and opting for the avian skirt was the absolute correct choice. It’s good I made this before I pledged the next six months of my life for only home-made… can I buy fabric on the Homemade challenge? Or do I have to just use what I have on hand…?

This is Abby’s next dress, with a vintage 1950’s pattern I got at an Estate Sale for a quarter. That fabric, in that pattern, ought to be adorable.

This bag, in spite the optic trick of foreshortening on what looks like an enormously out-sized hand, is actually quite large. I made it for a woman in my quilt group who likes red. It’s her birthday gift, only she didn’t show for the meeting on her birthday- so now I have to hold onto it until September. That’s what I get for scrambling and sewing ALL day before the meeting…

This is to contribute to a quilt a friend of mine is making. I kind of like it. But I’m partial to quilts where nothing matches- the scrappier the better. This is my taste.

These? These are NOT. These are barter for some dental work- I’m an indentured servant to my dentist’s wife, and this is what she wanted. She gives me the fabric, and I sew. She gets a quilt, we get nice teeth. Believe me, the math on creating (yes, I did) the measurements for the second block and the NINE set-in seams on the first block are equal payment for a few fillings!

This week, of course, as I’m getting ready to leave for a few days, I got a pattern order from a store in Michigan. So, that means, between packing, doing all the laundry, getting the travel stuff ready and generally freaking out, I get to go to the printers, too. Hooray! Oh, those are my 24 copyrighted, published patterns- not sure I’ve ever posted about them before…

My new nephew, who does in fact now have a name, is getting a pair of hand-made wool baby shoes. Just what every California baby needs, eh? But they are going to be SO cute! My first try at these…

Introducing the M’s book club. Sunday after church, Jeffrey was driving me nuts, so I gave his some pieces of wood, a hammer, a box of nails, and told him to go outside and make something. And he did! He came back inside with this little shelf he cobbled together, and declared it a home for all the chapter books he’s working on. Nice job. The books on top are the selection for Bean and Abby.

I’m taking a short little trip to Salt Lake with just Jeffrey. It’s a special treat for both of us, and David is going play Mr Mom for a couple of days while I sashay away for the weekend. Bean gets Daddy time, Jeff gets Mama time, and Abby is too little to care either way. Hooray!

12 thoughts on “A Hideously Narcissistic Look at my Week

  1. Simply fabulous! The dress, the quilt patterns, and Jeffrey’s bookshelf! Tracy you and your family are amazing. Have a great time in SLC too.

  2. Oh it sounds so nice to me, all the creating. I hope the trip is lovely. I wish I were in Utah, but alas, I am not.

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  4. The yellow bird dress is wonderful! You are so creative. Jeff is following in your footsteps – that is a great bookshelf. And your picture of SLC makes me nostalgic. Enjoy your trip!

  5. I hope you have a fantastic trip! If you have a few seconds to spare or just want to take a nice nap in a cool place feel free to stop by. I’d love to see you! Be safe.

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