Just So We’re Clear

This is me, blowing off steam.

I’m an honest person. I value trust. I value people knowing when I say something, I mean it. I take honesty seriously. I also take it very seriously when someone dishonors my trust. It makes me very, very angry when someone I regard as a friend betrays a confidence or in some other way squanders that trust.

Just so we’re clear.

There are minor things in life that are fodder for gossips mills- scandalous outfits, rude comments about catty things- and then there is gossip that ruins people’s reputations or potentially changes the courses of lives.

Just so we’re clear.

If you happen to be made privy to a confidential family situation, do yourself a favor and shut your mouth. Really. Shut up. If you have to stuff a sock in your mouth to keep from blabbing things that will hurt others, let me help you. If the sock is not enough, I ‘ve got a roll of duct tape. Do us all a favor and just shut the hell up.

Is that clear enough?

9 thoughts on “Just So We’re Clear

  1. Oh my. “Shut the hell up” is right. If the duct tape doesn’t work, there’s always super-glue. After that it’s sutures.

  2. Could you be a little more clear? I’m afraid you’re just being too ambivalent about this issue 🙂

    Been there, bought the postcard. Hooray for you for venting it here.

  3. Wow– I hope whatever happened clears up. I’ve been gone for a coupel weeks, so trying to catch up.

    I’m a fan of telling nothing. 🙂

  4. Tell us how you REALLY feel…
    And I wouldn’t want to be the person you’re mad at. I’ve rarely seen you mad, but it ain’t pretty. Duck and Cover!!

  5. What ever happened to ‘mums the word’… isn’t that what people say and then NOT repeat whatever it is that isn’t supposed to be repeated. How frustrating!

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