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So how do you feel about a mom with a 4 month old baby (youngest of five children) being vice-president of the United States of America? Is it any different than a dad having young kids (Obama) and holding high pulic office? Does it make any difference to you that McCain is fairly old, and if he dies, we would have our first woman president? If not, why? If so, why?

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  1. I won’t know how I feel until I research her past political career and learn about her marriage and her husband.
    Without a supportive husband and happy children (as happy as children can be when their parents are in the spotlight 24/7), it would be hard for me to vote for her.
    But at the same time, it depends on her political judgement, too. Where does she stand in the spectrum on national secrurity? Education? Immigration? The economy?

    But the fact that she’s a woman and VP? I kind of like that. A lot, actually. And I loathe Hillary; which goes to show where I stand politically, I guess. It’s not about gender –it’s about politics.

  2. Honestly? I think McCain just shot himself in the foot! From the research I’ve done, and watching her speech, I’m not impressed. If he’s going after Hillary’s supporters, there are better ways than picking some inexperienced “nobody”.

    It saddens me that she is willing to leave her 4 month old baby (who has down syndrome).

    I can’t believe she thought it was appropriate to compare herself to Clinton, because 1) Clinton actually has the experience and credentials to be president, and 2) too many Republicans are not Clinton-supporters.

    But with all of that being said, I’m a HUGE Obama/Biden supporter, I’d say McCain just helped us Democrats out! 🙂

    ps. Loved your interview on Scribbit. We sure are talking a lot about Alaska this morning!

  3. I like the pick. I heard her speak today and I was impressed. Why? Because she says what she thinks. Apparently she went against her party in Alaska to do what she felt was right about energy. I was more impressed by how she interacted with her kids while on stage. Yeah she has 5 kids. She made it a point to include them in what she was doing. They weren’t there for show (or they probably were) but she included them, talking to them about what she was doing the whole time. They weren’t just shoved in the corner to look at. The little girl followed her the whole way across the stage. I think that’s cool. Seeing how her husband interacted with her was also telling. He was there next to her the whole time. He pointed out things and she listened to him. It seemed they complimented each other. I was impressed. I didn’t like McCain but then I don’t like Obama.

    Oh yeah Sorry have to do it (ok don’t HAVE TO but I like to) “inexperienced nobody…” um yeah… she’s the VP not the president…. hee hee

  4. Well – I don’t like Obama- really don’t like Biden. I like McCain slightly better. I haven’t researched her enough yet to know what I think about Palin.

    Picking a woman just to pick a woman – if it looks like McCain did that – it usually makes me really frustrated. I’m not saying that’s what he did, I just want to know that he did pick her for more reasons than that. Women are smarter than to just vote for someone just because she’s a woman – or there’s a woman on the ticket.

    But here’s the thing – it won’t make me vote for Obama either. The question is – will it make me look elsewhere 🙂

  5. Nobody cares about how many kids a male candidate has.
    Nobody asks who’s going to take care of a male candidates kids.
    Nobody REALLY cares about the state of a male candidate’s marriage (ahem, Clinton anyone?).

    -She appeals to conservative, party line voters, she’s clearly not afraid of “change”(since it’s such an election platitude this year), she doesn’t back down, and she doesn’t allow pork barrel, special interest shenanigans. She’s likable and far more in touch with the ‘average American’ than any of the other candidate$. Having run an entire state with its departments, budgets, et al ,she has the executive experience that other candidates lack.
    -She has no foreign policy experience. She ran Alaska, which I think everyone would agree is a completely different ball game than any other STATE, much less the NATION as a whole.

    Oh yeah, and she’s a woman. I thought we moved past this, do we really have to go through it AGAIN?

  6. She’s done a fabulous job for Alaska so far and has been wildly popular. My father knows her well and has said she’s just what she appears to be–down ot earth and genuine and accessible. Yes, she has a small baby but she also has a husband at home (he quit his job at BP to help) and her oldest is serving in the ARmy–most of her kids are teens.

    She is very conservative and if anyone has anything to criticize about her go with her politics. It’s not about her face, her personality, her family, it’s about her skills as a politician (and so far she’s shown herself to be a pro) and her political views. If you don’t want a conservative/moderate mix then vote for Obama. If you want what she and McCain have then vote Rep. I don’t think criticizing her family’s choices are fair.

  7. Michelle, Yes, that would be priceless!! I actually think it would have been fun to see Hillary’s face this morning when McCain made the choice, too. I’m betting some dishes flew.

  8. I’ve read a little about her today… and I like what I’m seeing. As a mom of a kid with special needs I really love the idea of having someone in the White House who gets it. She is VERY anti-abortion and I like that. She seems to be very open and… I’m not sure. Perhaps the word I’m looking for is “real”! So many politicians seem to say just the right thing. Pandering to each group. She doesn’t seem the type to do that. Maybe I’m wrong. Time will tell…

  9. I’m not a big McCain fan but I certainly DO NOT like Obama. Having Palin on the ticket has secured my vote. Not because of her gender or family but because of her politics and her genuineness. She can so shake things up!

    Nestle…we must be related because I mentioned the same thing to Mr. FR. 🙂

  10. I like what I see. It certainly takes care of the ‘McCain is too old’ problem. Now that I know who’s up for election, it is time to start the research.

    (And I would have paid all the money in the world to have been a fly on the wall when Hillary Clinton was told about Palin.)

  11. You know all the people who were going to vote for Hillary “just because she’s a woman, and I want my daughter to see that she can do anything”? I want to hear them back off and say “no, no it wasn’t about gender, it was about issues” because you know there’s no way they’re going to vote Rep.

    Of course, some of them blogged that it WAS about gender, so now it’s in writing, so that’ll be fun……

  12. On Thursday night a friend of mine and I trekked down to the DNC and watched Obama make a name for himself in history. It was a very powerful and magical moment and one that made me proud to live in this country. And he had beautiful words that were even more overwhelming given the amazing scenery and crowds. However, they were just words. They did not make me believe, they just put me in the position of more questions about whether or not the people around me really believed in Obama or if they are just so desperate for a way out they would follow a pied piper if given the opportunity. I arrived in awe of what was going on around me and left saddened at the prospect of a hundred promises that no person could actually do in a matter of twenty years, let alone 4 or 8, but that people were sucking into it so easily.

    My girlfriend and I, both republicans, left talking about the candidate that Jon McCain was going to select. Even with the talk of Obama being the next President, the numbers are still very close. Within less than ten points at most times. And last night the rumors were that Mitt Romney was being surrounded by Secret Service. When I awoke at 5am to find that the Governor of Alaska had flown in and she was an unknown, I smiled big and bright. To hear she is a Mother of five children and that she believes in the American Family…not the one that is cut out with Mom staying home (even though that is how my family works) but one where the family supports each other made me even happier. Her speech was not impressive with a lot full of promises that will be half kept if at all and preaching to people, and yes people, I was there, he was definitely preaching. She shot from the hip and spoke straight. No writers there. Maybe she actually meant what she said which is something we aren’t used to. I have been researching her politics all day and I am pretty impressed with them. I like what she stands for and how she represents herself. And although her term may be short lived with Washington, she did say she served on the PTA and I don’t know about all you out there, but those PTA Moms can be down right scary!

    (Yes Mother, I know it disappoints you that I would take this standpoint 🙂 )

  13. mo mommy… Palin and Clinton have the same amount of experience with regards to..?? Tenure as governors? I thought Clinton was governor for nearly 12 years.

    After watching countless hours of the VP coverage, reading too many articles and blogs to name, I’ve decided that I’m sure Sarah Palin is a very nice woman who stands up for what she believes in, and there is no doubt in my mind that she was a great mayor of 6,000 people and has proven herself by being the governor of Alaska for a whole 20 months. And I am at peace with the fact that she did not ask for this nomination (although she could have said no), but that McCain seeked her out, and therefore am a little concerned with McCain’s ability to make important decisions in a time of crisis, because as nice and likeable as this lady might be, no one in their right-mind would choose someone with so little experience. It was obviously a strategic move to get the attention away from the democratic campaign (they do hog the airwaves, if you will).

    I am enlightened by everyone’s comments here, and they do make me think, and appreciate the differences we have. The next 2 months will be so very interesting. I can’t wait for the debates to begin! (between the candidates, not us). 🙂

  14. I for one will be voting for someone who has actually DONE something with her time in office other than running for ANOTHER office. I think she’s wonderful, and a brilliant choice for a running mate. Her place on the ticket makes this race interesting, which it wasn’t before. Now it seems like there’s something at stake…

  15. justbarefoot, absolutely! I thought trumpeting a “change” and thereby stealing the democratic nominees major phrase was a deft move. They were able to use all the democratic coverage to their advantage. Quite a bit more crafty than I’d come to expect from the GOP.
    tuney,I agree, it was sort of a slam dunk till now yeah? It should be fun to sit back and watch…
    And I don’t believe I’m voting for either major party btw, I’m still holding out for a third party contender. Someday, someday. Viva la revolution!
    I do really like Palin though. She came into office and did in her 20 months what others couldn’t do in decades. No wasting time, no bs, straight down to business. Get rid of the fluff and pomp and just let us do our thing. That’s my style. Thanks Governor Skinny White Chocolate Mocha.

  16. I think that she and her husband have figured out how to raise healthy and happy kids and it really is up to HER to decide if she is going to leave her children to be the VP.

    Women who have children with special needs are able to do jobs just like other women. The fact that her child has Down Syndrome shouldn’t make her any better or worse for doing what she is doing. Lots of babies with Down syndrome have mother that work and the still manage to do just fine.

    Also, she might be inexperienced in national politics, but after you read up on her a little bit you will see that she is a no nonsense person, she sticks to her guns (see her fight against the Creamery board for starters) and is unapologectic in her actions.

    I can’t help but think that there is hope that by picking her they will keep some of the Hilary democrats, but I think that she is not a terrible person to pick.

    If we want to get technical, Obama has had VERY little experience as well. VERY little.. and that doesn’t seem to be an issue with many people. Getting someone in there that will get the job done is key…

    Great questions Tracy.

  17. Also, McCain’s wife is a huge advocate for special needs (she was a special ed teacher and sits on the boards of many charities). I like that there will be many people surrounding him that LIVE with the consquences of cutting those funds.

  18. Obama was a senator for ONE year before he started to run for president! Palin has at least RUN something before going for VP she isn’t running for the Presidency. I would rather the PRESIDENT have experience.

    I didn’t like McCain he was too liberal for my taste. However his uber conservative VP pick is a good balance. Hopefully they can balance each other out!

  19. I certainly hope you are all wrong. I can’t imagine another 4 years just like the last 8 we had. McCain shot himself in the foot. Palin, seriously, seriously?

  20. just stumbled onto the blog and my eye caught this post, as i recently just blogged about her. I was really impressed with her speech.
    I think the lack of political experience people are mentioning is comical. She has more time in an public office than Obama’s 145 DAYS in the senate. I also think you don’t need cabinet or other experience to be the VP. And I also think that maybe, just maybe that lack of political experience will only serve to help her, because I think we could all do with someone who knows what it is like to be middle to lower class. I also think she has already done more and changes more than the man who claims he is all about change.
    I don’t want obama for president and i don’t want mccain either.
    But i would vote for Sarah palin in a new york minute.

  21. Hello,

    I have seen that a number of people base their choice on the candidates’ experience. But look where experience brought you with Bush. Maybe what America needs now is a breath of fresh air. Inexperienced doesn’t necessarily mean bad – it can also mean eager to learn, eager to improve, eager to prove one’s value. America, please don’t go on a route just because it feels safe and home-like, because it can bring you to the same cul-de-sac you are experiencing now.
    Hope for the best.

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