Makin’ Stuff: Birthday Banners

Made these on Thursday after visiting teaching… So these are about the easiest things ever to make; scrap bag, green, recycled and re-usable birthday banners. Cut fifteen double layers of scrap fabric into 7″x 10″ triangles, sew right sides together, leaving the top open, turn, press and stitch into 1 standard package of double-fold bias tape. 15 fit perfectly on one package of tape. That’s it. Soooo cute, sooooo easy and so re-usable!

14 thoughts on “Makin’ Stuff: Birthday Banners

  1. Commenting for the first time on someone’s blog is always a little wierd but here it goes……..

    I read about you on Scribbit and decided to take a minute and click on the link. I love this idea for the banner. Even I “non craft girl” of the year can appreciate it and could actually do it 🙂

  2. These were so cool and could be used as a room decoration all year long. How fun would it be to give each kid their own banner to hang up for birthdays that they could then pass on to their family? And one for each holiday? genius!

  3. Oh I LOVE the banner you made! Would you email me? I would love to have you do a guest feature spot on our blog explaining how you made that! We are focusing the whole month of February on creative and unique children’s birthday party ideas on a budget.

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