Hey, Things Suck! Let’s Distract Ourselves!

OK, enough of my raw, open pain at the top of my leader board. I’m going through a neighborhood of hell, and you all get it- I can probably take the neon sign down- or at least move it to the back of the store. Thank you all for your supportive and kind words. It means a lot to me, and even though I don’t know very many of you, I appreciate the prayers and hands extended in love and friendship. It does help. Believe me, it does.

A few shiny odds and ends to catch my flitty imagination:

A dear friend of mine is getting married for the first time. In her late forties,ย she never thought this would happen- and we are all thrilled. She has asked me to hand calligraphy her wedding invitations, to which I have delightedly agreed. It’s been a long time since I calligraphied anything, but I have a box of quills and nibs around here somewhere, and India ink is always wonderful. I’m only doing the master, then she’s having them printed. I’m not crazy. Ok, well, I am, but I’m not hand-lettering 400 invitations. Yes, when you get married later in life, I think you either elope, or you invite everyone you know.

Jeffrey started 2nd grade yesterday. How did that happen? I dunno. But he’s so big now. But he still kissed me goodbye in front of his whole class. I wondered if he would- he was busily chatting away with a long-missed buddy, and when I waved, he excused himself from his conversation with an upheld index finger, and weaved his way across the classroom to hug and kiss him mama. Sigh. I love that boy.

We are still working on getting Beanie’s IEP taken care of- the district offices were a hen-house of activity yesterday, so on Monday I think I’ll start calling and shaking the cage. I may have to put on my fox mask and scare the chickens into listening to me. I can do that.

A woman in our ward is getting certified to do this color thing where you learn your energy type. Then you dress that way. I don’t really understand it, but I think I look better. And right now, I’ll take anything I can get. She needed some volunteers as part of her final before certification, and she picked me because she needed an example from every type of person- anyway, yay for me! Free, and I look better.

The leaves in the backyard have stopped falling. Don’t know what that’s about. But it seems fall, while the light is fantastic, is temporarily on hold in my backyard. The leaves are juuuuust beginning to lighten around the edges and show a hint of yellow. I love fall.

A local restaurant has asked me to design a new menu for them. It’s been a long time since I did any menu work, but it’s easy and quick and they’re paying me.ย  Or I can take it out in food. Hmmm. What to do, what to do….

A couple of family members are tossing around the idea of heading up here this fall. The idea makes me really happy, and all I can say is, GET ON IT! Was that not subtle?

Crayola now makes window markers. Do yourself a favor and go pick up a pack, sit on the floor in your dining room, and cover the windows in drawings with your kids. They wash off with water, and the fun is fantastic. At night, they show up even better. Cheap, easy and fun. Just like me. Oh, no? All right.

18 thoughts on “Hey, Things Suck! Let’s Distract Ourselves!

  1. I envy your calligraphy skillz. I’ve always wanted to learn. I found a place in the city that offered lessons, but I couldn’t take a class before we moved so I’m still at a loss. What a fun friend you are to do invitations.

    That color clothing thing sounds cool. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of it before.

  2. Those markers are so cool! Shine a small light underneath the window in a dark room at Halloween…fantastic original decorations! I’d love to see a sample of your calligraphy! Maybe a new header? How cute that your 2nd grader still kisses you goodbye! My 4th grader just stopped doing that. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    Glad you can find the normal amidst the sucktitude. I found a quote the other day and thought of you:
    “PEACE: It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble, or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.”

  3. thanks for sharing the good stuff from your life. How have you gotten the word out about your awesome art skills? You have people beating down your door to do work for them, awesome! I want the window crayolas, if I go buy them now I can play with them for a while before the kids get home.
    You can be cheap and easy if you want ๐Ÿ˜‰ We’ll still love you.

  4. ugh I remember doing the hand calligraphy for all 300 of our wedding invites back in the day. I used to do it a lot…now? I think I could get a about 50 and then my hand would lock up and I’d walk around like the claw woman for a week.

    congrats on the colour thing, sounds like a nice boost!

    cool menu blessing!

    good luck on your IEP mess…serious good luck!

  5. I’m always up for cheap, easy, fun (and easy to clean up!) parenting ideas! Thanks for the tip!

    Saying “hang in there” sounds so trite, but sometimes it’s all you can do. We’re all cheering for you, hope you can hear us!

  6. I love calligraphy, but I’m always a bit slanty. In an uneven sort of way.

    Window markers sounds delightful. The littlest monkey is going through a color the walls stage. Loves washing it off. Loves showing it to me. Maybe coloring the glass slider will take her mind off of her favorite canvas for a bit.

  7. Jami- that’s what I was hoping for Abby too. She LOVES her some wall art. EVERYWHERE. The widow markers are supposed to help with that.

    Nicole- I’m all about cheap and easy!

    Awesome Mom- Me too. Thanks for chiming in.

    Michael- Awwwww! I was thinking of the Saddle Rack the other day… sigh.

    s’mee- My hand would claw up at about 50 too.

    checkers- bathtub crayons rock- we love ours, and bonus! They tell you when you have a ring to scrub off! Rainbow dirt ring! Woot!

    Jendoop- I have no idea. People just seem to know, and for that I’m seriously grateful.

    angela michelle- Jeffrey does know which side his toast is buttered on…

    TTL- I love the idea of shining a light on them at night. And the quote is lovely, thank you.

    HSF- take a class! It’s fun and easy, and I’m betting someone, somewhere in Utah is teaching one you can take! You’re writing is already so pretty, calligraphy would be a natural fit for you.

  8. Thorny Tree Lady, I just heard that quote on Sunday and copied it down to put on my fridge! I needed to hear that perspective.

    Tracy, I love your happy moments. Sometimes life offers the necessary distractions to help us make it through tough times. You have recognized a multitude of these blessings! Sharing them with us helps me see my own grateful moments.

  9. So what are you supposed to wear if you have NO energy?
    The window markers are fantastic on a light colored vehicle too, a white dodge durango for example. The boys believed they were getting away with something supremely evil and loved every second of it. Then we talked about the difference between real markers and window markers, just to be safe.
    I would love to solve the menu conundrum, but first I must know what restaurant it is and if you plan on taking me with you…

  10. How wonderful to have these rays of sunshine during such a turbulent time.

    Congrats on the the color/clothes voodoo and the menu gig, I bet it will turn out awesome. Maybe I should write up about this on MBB? I am going to purchase some of those window markers too!

  11. I love the idea of markers for windows, but I know my children well enough (ahem, well, just ONE of them well enough) to know that if I allow markers ANYWHERE besides paper, that gives them free regin over the house… my walls would never forgive me….

    Why does one stinky kid ruin it for the rest of them? Oh wait, that is what siblings do. It teaches them patience and love….. I think…. right????

    I love the whole energy/clothing idea. There is a degree for this kind of thing? oh and OF COURSE you do Calligraphy. I have yet to find something that you cannot do.

    Be the wolf in the henhouse. No less than three social workers, two home visit workers and 4 therapists have told me that this is how to get things done. Be a nice wolf, but still…… it is how the system works… (and I just found out that kids here w/ Aspbergers are not elegible for services AT ALL in our county, they aren’t “damaged” enough… that was shocking to me..)

  12. Just for the record, anything that Michelle AM puts on the fridge just fades into all the other stuff on the fridge. She knows exactly where it is, but it’s just like finding Waldo for anyone else. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Back to you, Tracy. “Cheap, easy, fun.” Sorry, but that just cracked me up – completely destroyed me. Amid everything else, you made me laugh – which is one of the reasons I admire you SO much.

  13. Thanks Ray. I can always count on you to have some positive feedback. And, to laugh.

    Bek- Yeah, I was worried about Abby not getting the whole “windows only” part- so we did them when she was asleep. I’m still confused about the clothes thing, but I think I looked better today.

    Jen- Voodoo is a good description.

    Michelle- I’m convinced everyone should have window markers.

    Mo- do I go anywhere without you? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Michelle AM- ditto what I said to Ray. You two are a great match.

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