Bionic Woman Coming To Visit

Remember when my cousin heather, the one who rode her bike 1000 miles to raise money for AIDS research, got hit by a French touriste on her way to the airport to see me? Remember her? She just called and will be here Thursday night. By the way, that’s what your elbow looks like with eight screws and a bunch of metal after la touriste plows into you. The staples are out, but the rest of the hardware remains. Airport security should be a blast.

I’m really looking forward to seeing her- her mama is Crazy Chicken Annie– remember her? I swear, I do not make these stories up. My life is full of the most interesting people. Really.

All’s quiet on the homefront. DH had interview this morning, so if anyone has a few extra prayers, moon-dances, chants or fatted calves to sacrifice, it would be much appreciated. Just kidding about the cows- but dancing under a bright moon always makes me  happy. Except for you, Heather! No dancing, no biking and no jogging on public streets, at least until you are up here!

The county fair is going on, as well as tons of fall goodness at the u-pick farms I love so much. Jeffrey has a soccer game, and other than that, I figure we’ll just hang out and bask in each others presence. Sigh. Sounds like a delightful weekend.

Now- off to clean my pit house like a mad-woman.

9 thoughts on “Bionic Woman Coming To Visit

  1. That is a wicked x-ray. I can’t imagine having that much metal in my body. Yikes. I’m so, so glad you get to see each other. I just sent a prayer your way. And did a little dance in the moonlight.

  2. I’m sure if you could you would wrap Heather in bubble wrap! Praying for good things to happen with the interview! D’ance in the rain, thats always fun! This post seems upbeat! Hope there is some sunshine coming your way soon!

  3. Having a great friend/relative visit transforms daily life into fiesta. And I do mean fiesta, not party, fiesta is even better because its the kind of fun that seems to come from another world. The bummer is re-entry, but don’t worry about that until it comes. Have a great time and you better give us all the juicy details to live vicariously.

  4. Stop cleaning!!! Really. If you could see my house, or my work cubical for that matter, you would realize that I really, really don’t mind a little clutter. Clean houses make me nervous (Remember that I grew up with chickens running around IN the house). Can’t wait to see you tomorrow!……. Are you still cleaning? Stop it. 🙂 – Heather

  5. (Remember that I grew up with chickens running around IN the house).

    Ok- point: Heather. I stopped. I did wash your sheets though. I’m very civilized. No more cleaning.

    Can’t wait to see you!

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