Apple Pickin’ Time

Oh yeah. Guess what we’re doing today… Cousin Heather is here, and the boys are completely monopolizing her love and attention, and it completely delights me. This morning, after a super-fantastic breakfast of Cinnamon Cream Cheese Stuffed French Tourist Toast with Praline Topping (yes, you can have the recipe) the Mo Mommys and Flat Daddy are joining us to head up to the orchards and pick us some fresh, crisp, fall apples. I’m guessing Apple Dutch Babies are on the menu for tomorrow’s breakfast.

The missionaries are coming for dinner tonight, so Heather gets to experience the delight and utter unpredictability that is two nineteen year old boys away from home for two years. Jeffrey also has his first soccer game of the season today. Also, a friend of mine is closing her huge scrapbook store, and she’s selling all her papers for 10 cents each, all stickers for 50 cents, and all eyelets and decorative crap for 50 cents. Bet you wish you were here now too! I plan on spending some money I don’t have. Sometimes a girl just has to be irresponsible.

10 thoughts on “Apple Pickin’ Time

  1. Wish l could send you some money I don’t have for you to spend! Sounds marvelous and yummy. It’s good to hear you sounding that upbeat. (Hope you’re feeling it too)

  2. Beautiful picture! Have fun today. I’m reading this while taking a break from canning apple pie filling and applesauce. And standing on a sticky kitchen floor.

  3. Tracy, I just read about Mo Mommy’s stolen car. I don’t want to bother her–I lurk but don’t comment on her blog–but if you can think of anything someone who lives far away can do…will you shoot me an email? It’s breaking my heart to think of her having to deal with this with her husband deployed and all…

  4. I’m a little envious. We’re a month or two out for apples here. But then we’ll probably spend money we don’t have to go up to Apple Hill and play!
    Have a good time with Heather and Mo and the littles.

  5. Wow…that french toast sounds GREAT…. and I need to go over and see what happened to MoMommy’s car….

    I will picture you eating some sharp cheddar with those apples..

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