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My blender died. It made many a batch of whole-wheat blender pancakes, and survived from before I was married. That’s a pretty fair lifespan. Even when it was time to go, the poor thing tried to hold on, and I had to pry the glass from the motor, where it had tried to grind itself so hard, it had worn down it’s little metal parts and they had practically fused. That’s a hard working blender. A moment of silence, please…

Tomorrow is Beanie’s 5th birthday. He wants to do the whole day backwards, so he can open his presents first, and he wants to grind wheat. Yes, you read that right- grind wheat. The boy loooooves to get the grinder out and feed the wheat kernels into the stone wheels. Happy birthday! Here’s a bag of wheat!! hooray!

Bean is gradually slipping back to his comfortable, pretty pants ways. I know Mo is relieved, since Thing 2 was absorbing the extra girl energy and yearning for some pretty-ness. Bean’s still trying to dress in boy clothes, but I see him eyeing the pretty-ness, and this morning I caught him in a pair of Abby’s pants. I told him he was fine, and he paired the pants with a blue shirt so they became a “boy” outfit. This is all his doing. I’m just hanging back letting him figure it out.

Next time you’re in the store, and they have a big end-cap display of limited edition Pringles, and the Mozzarella Marinara looks interesting to you- run. Run far, far away. Do yourself this kindness. It’s my gift to you.

I’ve finished the energy-color program my friend is getting certified for- we started with a two-day seminar, then we went shopping withour color and energy cards, then she came over to my house and went through my closet. It was intense, and I have no idea if I look better or not. Seems I’m supposed to wear gold, and not so much with the silver I historically prefer. I keep hearing Carrie say Ghetto gold is fine, but for real jewelry? Puh-lease. I’m supposed to wear more pink, and brighter colors. Sigh…

OJ Simpson is on trial again? What the frick did he do now? Criminy. Just put the guy in jail already.

I finished the wedding invitations. They came out pretty. (I need to paint. For those of you waiting, I promise, soon. Bean should finish testing with the District by next week, and once his school starts, I’ll finally have time.) I’m also making the flower-girl dresses for this wedding- not sure how that one happened, but I’m sewing on dupioni silk, and am more than a little nervous. I need a serger..!

I totally cheated for Beanie’s cake tomorrow and bought the frosting in the plastic tub. I never do that! Anyone ever use it before?

Here is my mothering tip for the day: Never, ever let your daughter get hold of your MAC long-wearing lipstick. Abby found my tube of $20 goodness yesterday while I was in the bathroom, and she colored all over her legs, belly and has a few perfect circles from the tube on her cheeks. It set before I caught her, and I have tried cold cream, astringent, eye make-up remover, baby wipes and vitamin E oil. It’s still bright pink, sparkly and pretty. No way am I driving downtown to MAC to buy remover- we just get to live with the painted chick. So if you want good lipstick that lasts, that’s your brand- just beware.

12 thoughts on “Random Drivel

  1. That is quite honestly the best lipstick ever. This morning my Peanut decided she needed some mascara. Oh, that was fun. And just as we were headed out the door, naturally.

    I love that Beanie wants to grind wheat for his birthday. What a deal! And I use the Duncan Hines Whipped fluffy white frosting quite frequently and just eat whatever’s left with a spoon cuz I’m a sugar+shortening addict I guess. Sick, I know, but I just can’t help it.

  2. You’ve never used can frosting. I don’t know if we can still be friends.

    I don’t know what Ghetto gold is.

    I don’t know anything about OJ Simpson.

  3. You know, I’ve been wanting to try that lipstick since you blogged about it, but I can’t seem to commit to a color. And I’m scared out of my mind to go into the MAC store at my local mall because the employees look like uber-snobs, does that make sense? Maybe I’ll bite the bullet one of these days.

  4. After reading this post I honestly thought,’What a good friend!’

    You gave wonderful advice gleaned from your own experience with humor and just a dash of mother angst. Truly real life. Now tell me I’m not weird to have a friend in someone I’ve never met.

  5. Dry erase markers can be pretty too. Time or rubbing alcohol is the only thing that takes those off.

    Pond’s cold cream is pretty good at taking off stage makeup. It might work. Vaseline is cheaper though.

    OJ tried to steal some of his stuff back from a guy who bought it/stole it. In Las Vegas? A gun involved? Poor guy people will just not stop picking on him.

    em, I’m scared of the uber-snobs at make-up stores too.

  6. I used to be afraid of the uber-snobs, too. No more. Now I just march in there- my money is what they need, and they better be nice to me. Go see them Em- they’re mostly a lot nicer than they look. Have them try colors on you so you can see how they look- if you wipe them off before they set, it’s ok.

    Day two with the lipstick, and still no luck. She’s had two baths, and cold cream did nada. Honestly, it’s freaky how well this stuff lasts.

    Stay FAR away from those chilps because they’re GROSS!!

    Half my friends are people I’ve never met and wouldn’t recognize on the street. Sometimes when I’m out with the kids, I think I catch people looking when I call Beanie’s name or something… 😉

    Ghetto gold doesn’t even try to look real.

  7. Um, did you ever think it’s because you’re yelling “Bean” in a mall?
    And canned frosting is great, with graham crackers. My mom used to make little sandwiches and wrap them in plastic wrap for later. Mmmmm.
    And really, powdered marinara flavor. On a chip. What on earth made you think THAT was a good idea?

  8. Graham crackers and frosting is sooooo good. My mom did they same thing Mo Mommy. We use can frosting for lots of stuff and it colors really well.
    Sorry about the lipstick. Good luck is all I’ve got!

  9. Thanks for the warning on the Pringles. What’s next, Pringles Alfredo? Actually that might be good. Here is another bad call that I just purchased, “Teddy Grahams Trail Mix.” Just salty, stale, yuck!

    I am a little glad Beanie is still holding onto his love for pants that are pretty. Happy Birthday!

    I still get intimidated at the department store cosmetic counters! Once, my daughter wrote all over my hardwood floors with a Sharpie marker and I read somewhere to use DEEP WOODS OFF! and it worked like magic. I wouldn’t use it on Abby’s sweet skin though. That must be some amazing lipstick!

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