Happy Birthday Beanie

Dear Sweet Bean,

You were so excited last night, you had trouble falling asleep, and this morning, when you climbed in bed with me, your eyes were so bright as you pried my eyes open to remind me that  “TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY MAMA!” Yes, yes it is, sweet boy.

Five years ago tonight, you came like a firecracker into our lives. There hasn’t really been a dull moment since. The last year has been a year of growth, discovery and answers. You are such a wonderful mix of quiet discovery and volatile energy. You are as at home running wild in a summer rain storm as you are curled up in my lap looking at the moon. One-on-one time is precious, and I see the loveliest sides of you when we go on our Beanie-Mama Dates. We both love those times.

While you are reserved with your affections, you are willing to talk to anyone, at length, about whatever has captivated your interest. Just last weekend at the blackberry farm, you talked extensively with a man on the next row about wasps and bees and the relative merrits of each, including an explanation of the wasps who take over bees hives in Japan. You don’t forget anything.

You have declared today to be Backwards Day, in hopes of opening your presents this morning instead of after dinner. The concession was to allow you to open one present, and you are currently deeply involved in a Play-Doh undersea world, courtesy of Grandma. The rest have to wait for later.

You are so excited about starting your new pre-school, and we are hopeful it will be a good learning environment where you can work out some of the things that challenge you, as well as make some new friends and share some of your exuberant happiness.

Baby boy, I’m proud to be your mama. I pray that we can always meet you halfway on your journey- because you are definitely on a journey- and that you will carry in your heart how very much I love you.

Love,  Mama

7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Beanie

  1. What a great freeze-frame of his life just now. I love how well you know your kids. I guess that’s every mother’s gift, but you are exceptional at it.

  2. Happy Birthday, Beanie! You’ve got the best birthday in the whole year! And you are cute too. Hope you had a great time opening the rest of your presents tonight.

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