Wanna Smell Like Crap?

Allow me to introduce you to the most disgusting, nastiest shampoo ever. Want to smell like an old mothball? Like the smell of wet-dog? Enjoy the way the old man down the street who sits on his porch yelling at neighborhood kids while smoking a stogie smells? Then this is the shampoo for you!

Recently my head has decided to be a little itchy and dry, and I normally love the Neutrogena product line. My favorite moisturizers, cleansers and eye make-up remover all bear the Neutrogena label. Even the T-Sal shampoo is wonderful, so it seemed a good bet to give this one a try. Big mistake. Like, seriously wretched mistake.

When I popped the bottle open in the shower, the viscous, nearly black gel glopped into my hands, and I was immediately assailed by one of most gag-inducing smells ever to come from a shampoo bottle. Still being swayed by misplaced brand loyalty, I thought “It can’t really be that bad- and maybe it will make my head stop itching…” Wrong! As soon as I sudsed up my hair, I knew the smell was going to make me wretch. Immediately I started rinsing and rinsing and rinsing… to no avail.

Three shampoos later, with all the fragrant stuff I could find, my hair still smells like mothballs. Really. And I still itch. I smell like an old man in a mothball sweater walking a wet dog. So if you like that idea, this is the shampoo for you. Otherwise, run.

20 thoughts on “Wanna Smell Like Crap?

  1. My oldest has to use that stuff. He has the big kid version of cradle cap (or, as we like to call it, cradle crap) It does smell N-A-S-T-Y, but if he stops, pretty soon he gets big clumps of Gross stuck to his head and hair. Having kids is disgusting, in many, many forms.

  2. I used to use this shampoo. I agree that it doesn’t smell that great, but for me it certainly wasn’t wretch producing. Maybe it’s a cilantro-like issue and for some reason you are extra sensitive? I liked this shampoo because it worked wonders for my scalp problems. I am glad not to need it now though. I have moved on to the Neutrogena shampoo that comes in a tube and has the orange lid. It’s fantastic.

  3. I’ve used this stuff before too… it’s really meant for people with serious scalp issues. I used to get sores on my head and that stuff was recommended to me… it really helped! I’m like Angela… glad I don’t have to use it any more! Sorry it didn’t work for you… hopefully you’ll find something to help!

  4. Oh heavens. That sounds simply horrid. No, that will not do at all.

    I understand the scalp issues, but to wrech while shampooing/and after is not a good solution. I bet this stuff wasn’t cheap either! You knew I would be all over this one.

    Many of the homemade soap companies are creating scalp treatments, The Golden Goat has a Miracle Soap (with Neem) and a Dead Sea Hair and Scalp Treatment that sound promising, but I haven’t tried either of them. If I can get a hold of some, and if it doesn’t smell like vomit, would you be willing to test it out?

  5. Strangely enough I’ve had itchy scalp recently also. Just this morning I pondered the cause. Probably the el cheapo walmart shampoo I just switched to. So much for trying to save a couple bucks.
    Head and Shoulders Intensive usually does the trick for my fam, it probably costs less too.

  6. Oh, badd badd. I can just imagine the smell. How about trying my shampoo bar or scalp treatment? I will guarantee the smell won’t make you wretch, and it will work.

  7. My husband used to use this stuff. Very barfy smelling. Yee-uck. I got him a copper brush (yes, i know that sounds weird) and it has helped his scalp a little. I guess the copper kills off the yeast that sometimes makes your scalp itch? We’ve also been eating less sugar, so that has probably helped the yeast, too.

  8. I really appreciate the product endorsement! *chuckle*

    I have to admit I am totally spoiled, my husband makes our hair care products and all the soap that we use in our home.

    Good luck in your search for a replacement!

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