Sadness and Grief

A childhood friend of mine lost her husband Wednesday morning to a heart attack. She is my age, and expecting her third child in December. If you have any extra prayers hanging around, maybe you could throw them her way?

When will this year be over? I ache.

12 thoughts on “Sadness and Grief

  1. Erin, yes that’s the same family. I grew up with his wife, and know her family very well; tragedy is no stranger to any of them. It’s so very sad.

  2. Seems like sadness and grief is all around us, I have a friend who has to bury his 15 month old today. Prayers are going to a lot of people this week! I hope that they find comfort.

  3. I noticed people were visiting my blog from this post, and came to see. I definitely join you in your grief. He was one of the best people I have ever known. My prayers have been going up for them, for sure.

  4. I had a friend die the other day of a heart attack who left behind a wife and two daughters…I’m assuming we’re talking about the same person. Funny how small the blogging world is. I knew him in college and haven’t spoken to him since, though my sister and he were much closer than I was. My heart aches for his wife and children…it seems way too soon to pull a husband and daddy away from his family.

    I found your blog through MMW and have just loved reading what you have to write, both on this site and on MMW. I hope you don’t mind my stalking.

  5. Life is kind of kicking you in the teeth lately, isn’t it! I think about you a lot, even though I only know you here.

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