Random Crap: So I Can Sleep Edition

Do you know what Do-A-Dot markers are? Think bingo stampers, but in many colors, and for kids. Biiiiiig mistake. Big. Beanie, who you would think knows better, Do-A-Dotted his bedroom carpet tonight. What was I doing while he decorated his room? Oh, changing a diaper! Thank goodness for the Little Green Clean Machine. The boys call it the Barf Sucker, cause that’s it’s major calling in life, but it works nicely on quarter-sized green dots as well.

The school district is yanking me around. Beanies IEP has been moved back yet again. So help me, if they don’t get on it, I’m giving him a Red Bull and a bag of M&M’s before we go in for our testing. They’ll listen to me then, bwa ha ha ha!

Went to a wedding shower tonight, and have another on Thursday night. My friend Betty is getting married for the first time in her mid-forties, and there is a line of people wanting to throw showers for her. She deserves it- then she’s abandoning us for Las Vegas.

Uncle Todd will be here today! Yay! We’re all happy to see him.

Politics are making me sick. I can’t stand any more of the back and forth drivel and crap both parties spew at each other. Give me a break. I was hoping one of you saps was different- looks like maybe not.

Beanie and I are taking a little trip down to California at the end of October for my brother’s 30th birthday. It was going to be a surprise, but my mom oops-it and told. It’s all good. I’m only taking Beanie, because he’s by brother’s namesake, and because well, Jeffrey got to go to SLC in August, and now it’s Bean’s turn to get away with mama. It should be wheelbarrows of fun. My mom has one of those houses so decorated for Halloween people stop and take pictures. Beanie will love it.

My birthday is friday, and I really really wanted to join Oh Happy Day’s Pretty Little Things club. When I hit up Etsy, there were none left to buy. But what a great idea. Maybe next time, eh?

At one of the last garage sales of the season, I hit up a house that was moving to Colorado, and they sold me their teak Adirondack porch chairs, table and footstool for $20. Yup. Way cool, and now my porch is totally sit-able. It’s been a moderately successful garage sale summer- I didn’t catalog my buys like last year, but I got a few things. Some antiques here and there, a piece or two of furniture, the porch stuff, some antique Christmas decorations, patterns and really, that’s about it. See? Not much.

I have a red velvet Britax Marathon I’m looking to unload. Nothing wrong with it, it’s just gigantic and doesn’t fit so well with all the other carseats and boosters in my car. Anyone want it? (the caveat is that I’m terrible terrible terrible with shipping things, and it’s so enormous I have to find a box it will fit in, and who knows what shipping will cost. I was going to send it to Heather O, but she got tired of waiting and bought another less humongous carseat. So fair warning, but I promise to try. Anyone care to grab the beast by the horns? Anyone?)

The yard is positively filling up with leaves. I think I’m ready for fall. Like fall cares if I’m ready.

I went grocery shopping tonight, throwing caution and the budget to the wind. I haven’t done that in a very long time. I’m just so sick and tired of being so… so… so frugal and careful. I bought ice cream and popsicles and some cheese that was $4. I bought the kids granola bars and I bought some fresh chicken and a box of Cheez-its and some brand-name dish soap because I liked the way it smelled. Who knew such banal things could feel so decadent?

Is anyone else scared by what’s happening in the country? I don’t know enough about economics or governmental systems to have an educated opinion, but after ten months of no job, it sure doesn’t make me feel any better. It makes me want to hold my kids tighter and close my eyes. I do know things like this have happened before, and we should learn from our history. I’m not versed enough to have a plan but I hope the people making decisions are… Oh yeah, that’s right- it seems they’re all big dummies too. Holy crap.

18 thoughts on “Random Crap: So I Can Sleep Edition

  1. You too eh? Was thinking of clearing out my brain to make room for sleep, but it just seems like work at the moment. And we all know how I do detest work.
    Standing on desks and thumping my chest until I got my way was quite liberating, you really should try it….
    And today is finally the day I get to break out my Halloween decorations!! Is there anything better than October?!

  2. Ah… the IEP… if I remember correctly they have either 30 or 60 days after an IEP request to fulfill it. That’s the law… I believe you can find more information at http://www.wrightslaw.com It’s a fantastic site that helps you with the in’s and out’s of the laws. Read up on it a bit and then let the district know that you are aware of your rights as a parent and they CAN’T push it back again! Good luck 🙂

  3. In the past, fall mean the start of school, the start of cold weather, and the start of unpretty paleness. But this year, fall means bringing out my lovely decorations, wearing the sweaters I love, and soup. I do love me some soup.
    Minus the economy and the elections coming up (I hate choosing between the lesser of two evils) I’m excited for fall. Too bad the economy and the elections are such big deals.
    Hopefully, fall brings you a change of fortune along with the change of the leaves.
    I hope it does, for your sake.

  4. Yeah I’m basically terrified of what’s going on right now. And just when I thought I had picked my candidate, they both turned out to be morons.


  5. Well said tobymine, well said…
    If only the weather would make up its mind. Freeze warning last week, 85 yesterday. Hard to make chilly weather comfort food when it’s hot enough to wear shorts.

  6. Why I love you: “So help me, if they don’t get on it, I’m giving him a Red Bull and a bag of M&M’s before we go in for our testing.”


    If no one wants it online. You could put it on Craig’s List and buy cheese with the proceeds. Just a thought.

  7. October is an amazing month; and best wishes for a fun visit with Uncle Todd and a great birthday.

    Tracy your posts never cease to amaze and amuse me. You have so many things going on. I know 2008 has majorly suckethed for you, but there have been so many sweet moments too.

    Name brand dishsoap does smell better! You are the best!!!

  8. I wish I could send you something amazing for your birthday.
    Maybe I’ll send you some lemonheads. Late.

    Maybe NEXT YEAR (okay, maybe the YEAR AFTER THAT) I will send you something amazing for your birthday.

    ‘Cuz I’ll still be one of your biggest fans then, I am sure.

  9. Aw, you all are so good to me. Thank you for your loves and kindnesses. Uncle Todd just left, and Jeffrey has been in tears all night. We loves us some Uncle Todd, and tonight Mo even got to join us for dinner and partake of the awesomeness of Uncle Todd. It was a good night. The day? Meh, not so much. But the evening? Much better.

  10. Well, you don’t know me from Adam (or Eve, I suppose), but my birthday is on Saturday, and I love October. It’s my favorite month of the year. Yay for birthdays! Unless you don’t like your birthday, and then, “down with birthdays!” (Err..)

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