14 thoughts on “Time Wasters Galore

  1. all fifty in two minutes and twenty seconds… and they were in alphabetical order. Okay. I’m a dork. I did a school project in the 4th grade and learned a song about the fifty states… I can still sing it. Every word. In alphabetical order. It also rhymes. May be the only thing I remember from the fourth grade. It totally impresses my kids though.

  2. I got them all in two minutes, 50 seconds…my 4th time in a row trying it. I always have problems remembering Missouri, Maryland, and Indiana. And that there’s two t’s in Massachusetts.

  3. Maybe I’ll do this tomorrow when my kiddo’s are test taking…. Ha!!! As for your below post… it doesn’t worry me so much, I believe in cycles– but I know where things go down, they eventually do go back up.

    Any news on that interview?

  4. Two minutes 10 seconds. I had to memorize a song in grade school too. I’d also rock at a greek alphabet thing for the same reason.

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