Happy Birthday to Me

Whoop-de-do. I’m fighting feeling sorry for myself- I mean, birthdays are so not a big deal when you get older, and yet- waking up to whiny kids wanting breakfast, a husband who has a stomach bug, dishes in the sink and close to 10 months of unemployment is, well, almost tear-inducing.

When I told my boys it’s my birthday, they gave me big hugs and asked when the party started. Uh, yeah- about that? Well, when mom makes all that happen, and it’s her birthday, well… so, um, no party.

Man, what a great big steaming-pile-of-poo attitude I have today! Wow. Usually I do am better than that. I have so much to be grateful for- We still have our home, our kids are healthy, I have a family and friends that love me, I have strong faith and I have been gifted with many talents. And hey! We cashed out our 401k months ago- aren’t we the lucky ones! Who knew? Ah, again that “faith” thing percolates to he surface.

So today. I’m thinking of throwing caution to the wind and charging a trip to the salon. I need a haircut and maybe, if I really feel like blowing it, a bit of fun color, . I noticed a few tiny little silver strands hiding under the curls, and unless they go pure white like my grandma, I’m coloring those babies.

Other October 3 Birthdays: Gwen Steffani, Tommy Lee, Neve Campbell, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Al Sharpton, Lindsay Buckingham, Gore Vidal, Chubby Checker.

Also, on October 3: OJ Simpson was found not-guity, even though he totally murdered his wife; Sinead O’Connor ticked off most of Catholic-dom by tearing up a picture of the Pope on SNL; The Wall comes down in Berlin, reunifiying my ancentral home into one fabulous Germany; Bobby Thompson hits the shot heard round the world, and the Giants beat the Dodgers to win the Pennant in 1951.

19 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me

  1. Definitely the best birthday present a mom could have (okay, at least me) is a couple of hours off without kids. I hope you get that! Happy birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday Tracy!

    According to the possibly related post tags, you also share a birthday with Mark Hamill! May the force be with you always!!!

  3. Happy Birthday to you!! Sorry the day didn’t start out so well. You definitely should go out and treat yourself today. You deserve it.

  4. I don’t know you at all- I’ve been lurking- but HAPPY BIRTHDAY! If you want to email me your address I’d love to send you a little something. I hope your day got better!

  5. Happy Birthday, Tracy! Hooray for time alone at the salon.

    Because the day started so badly, it could only get better, right?! Best wishes for happier days ahead.

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