Stair Surfing

Conference is on, David and I are sitting in the living room, and we hear this enormous crashing, banging, thunking thud from the stairs. Seasoned parents, we look at each other and wait- Bean’s shouts of joy reassure us all is well, and we turn back to the TV. Slowly, I look again towards David, “I know what he just did…”

“He got the Costco box from the hallway and went box surfing down the basement stairs.”

“Yup,” David creens his neck to looks down the hall, “the box is gone.”

We turned back to the TV and held hands, to the sounds our our kids thunking and bouncing down our stairs.

11 thoughts on “Stair Surfing

  1. Oh so fun! We used to do that into all of the laundry at the bottom of the stairs. All was joy until mom figured out it wasn’t dirty laundry that we were sliding into.

  2. How cool is that? Fun for the kids and time to hold hands with David!

    All through Conf I was thinking about how much I needed the messages of hope, faith, the need for opposition in mortality, and finding joy in the journey. I thought of how much I needed that boost, and how many of my friends, including you, needed that lift. I was hoping you were hearing it, too! And I hope it gives you courage to continue to hang in there!

  3. I love that you got to watch conference on TV! Lucky! And it is an age old tradition to get into mischeif while mom and dad are listening to conference…. so your kids are in good hands!

  4. Isn’t it funny how much you can piece together from the kids’ sounds? My 13yo is so annoyed that I can hear him sneak into the pantry from anywhere in the house–and I usually even can tell what he’s snitching. Glad you got some uninterrupted conference watching!

  5. You are so lucky that you have your own house and don’t have to worry about noise. We live in an apartment and I have to keep my boys quiet. It is such a pain!!!

  6. Holy Crap, I can relate to that – especially the waiting to hear crying before even beginning to worry about loud crashing sounds.

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