Hunkered Down

I have Thing 2 here from Mo Mommy for the week while she is off enjoying Flat Daddy’s four-day furlough. The very first morning, I found the dining room table (which is enormous and very heavy) pushed all the way across the room in an attempt to reach the safety lock on the doors and escape. That is all. I’ll post when it’s safe again. How are you?

12 thoughts on “Hunkered Down

  1. “How are you?”

    Fine, except apparently I am ‘frigid and uptight’ because I find making out in Sacrament Meeting inappropriate.

    I have 3 dogs, 2 of them named Maggie, for 10 days, and I applied for a job which I then had to give up due to a family wedding.

    My kids are going on the 3rd week of break, and I don’t miss school at all. Nope. Not one bit.

    But, I have new breadmaker, which is making me look like a domestic goddess and making our house smell divine. And the weather couldn’t be more perfect. And nobody’s dragging furniture around our house, just minor stuffed animals and the laundry. But that’s just the dogs, I can kick them outside until I want to deal with them again.

  2. WHO said that, Wizzy? That’s utter crap- making out at church is just totally yeeshy.

    Annika- glad you’re doing OK, too. T2 has been really good, with only that one little forray in redesigning my house. I just was blown away that he could even budge the thing!

  3. Oh, honey, I already banned her. I don’t have an issue with disagreements, and as you know, some threads can get pretty heated, but name calling crosses a line, whether it’s me or somebody else on the blog.

  4. I hope for everyone’s sake that Mo is spending time with 3-D Daddy!

    Sorry about the escape artist. Mine at 4 was Houdinni. Prayer is the only thing that kept him alive.

    Making out in SM = so totally over the line. And I am one of the least prudish people I know. Bad mean commenter! Bad! Outer darkness isn’t good enough for you. (It does strike me that name-calling and making out in SM are both rooted in lack of respect.)

  5. Wow, that’s quite the escape attempt.
    If the Wiz is frigid & uptight, then so am I, making out in SM is totally gross, but then so is making out in the hallway in-between SM & SS, yuck!

  6. Maybe the guy was wearing a white shirt, and he thought that would make up for being totally inappropriate during a worship service. After all, according to Elder Oaks, attending sacrament meeting is the most sacred thing we do all week. Take that, outer darkness commenter person.

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