Sounds of Silence

It’s Sunday school right now, and I ran home and am blogging! It’s the first time in months I’ve been all. by. myself. in. my. home. Honestly, there is ALWAYS someone here. My excuse for running home during SS was to pick up the new visiting teaching assignments- I have to hand them out today- it’s my calling (job at church). I should get dinner started. Or do the dishes. Or start a load of laundry to give myself a hand later- but instead, I may sit on the couch and stare at the wall for exactly…23 minutes. It takes 4 minutes to get to church- Ahhhhhhhh. Silence. Is there any sound sweeter? (yeah, yeah, I know, when I’m old I’ll miss it… but not today.)

11 thoughts on “Sounds of Silence

  1. I do not believe I will miss the silence when I am older. Truthfully if I do, I will be shocked. And I don’t think my parents miss it either. Must be in the genes 🙂

  2. Silence. Noise. Too much of either can drive me nuts. Somewhere long long ago I seem to remember feeling alone and wishing for my life to be filled with conversation. I wouldn’t mind a week or so of silence at this point or even 23 minutes.

    Hope yours were enjoyable.

  3. Why not just shove a handful of chocolates in my face and say I can’t have any? We’re in the middle of primary program preparation, ugh. There is myself- the only counselor and the president. No chorister, secretary or other counselor. Sure, I’d rather be herding children than at home like you. Yes I’m jealous! But not so jealous I’d take those 23 minutes away from you. Yeah for you!

  4. I think you have to actually be old to truly appreciate the “when you’re old, you’ll miss it” line. Even then, I’m not certain I’ll fall into that category. Glad you got a moment.

  5. Congrats on your few minutes of solitude!

    FWIW: I am old enough, and my kids are getting old enough (6 of them, ages 20-6), to finally begin to believe people when they say “you’ll miss it.” What they are talking about is missing certain MOMENTS – not the messes, toilet training, tantrums. But the smell of a newborn, a toddler’s first word, a child’s unconditional acceptance. The GOOD parts, the FUN parts. I miss many of those firsts, those moments, that can never be recaptured. But I certainly don’t miss them enough to have another child so I can experience them again! And there are wonderful aspects of every age – even the teens! 🙂

  6. Silence is all shades of awesome. Occasionally, Michelle and I have those moments when every one of our kids is gone for some activity – and the surrounding silence is exquisite.

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