Busy Busy Busy

This is what I’m doing today. And probably tomorrow, too. Any maybe even the next day- the wedding is Friday at 1… I plan on staying locked in my sewing room until they’re done. Or until tomorrow when I have Beanie’s intake meeting for the AIM program- and I may be covered with dupioni threads when I show up.

20 thoughts on “Busy Busy Busy

  1. Oh, these are to drool for. Must see photos of the finished products. Are you doing them in the same color as the picture or what?

  2. I hear ya! Just finished making fifteen cheerleading warm up outfits for our little girls who were freezing their little tushies off at the football game on Saturday. But staring at them all and feeling like my vision came to life is so way worth it!!!

  3. You have such amazing talent. I am glad you use your talents to bless the lives of others, as well as your own. I love ivory and brown. The dresses will look gorgeous! Please post photos of your finished masterpieces.

  4. gorgeous. Next time leave yourself time to enjoy it (at least that’s what I’m always telling myself). It would be wonderful to sew that fabric, maybe?
    good luck, I think you’re a saint with incredible skills. -Insert Napoleon Dynamite quote here.-

  5. Ugh, no… it ravels like freaking crazy. I came upstairs to have dinner with my family, and David started to laugh. I looked down and I was COVERED in irory threads- like, looking like a wookie, covered.

    So far today I’ve cried twice- putting the skirt on the first dress, it’s so voluminous that it’s hard to get all the gathers neatly tight around the little bodice. It kept catching and puckering and then I would have to tear it out and start over. Five. Times. Yes, five times, I tore that skirt off and started over. By the time I got to the second dress, it went on the first time- because I called a friend who took tailoring and pattern making in college and she told me what to do. I’m a pretty good sewer, but this was bringing me to tears.

    As of right now, both bodices are together with the cap sleeves hemmed and finished. The skirts are on both, but they have not been hemmed yet, and the zippers are not on. The sashes are not made yet either. I figure I’m likely over half way there….

  6. Did you use a pattern for this or did you create the pattern yourself? If you used a pattern could you tell me which one. This dress on the right is exactly what I want for a flower girl dress!! I even want it in duponi silk!

    Although now reading about your frustrations with the fabric makes me think I should change my mind as to not have the girls mother want to hurt me as shes making it!

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