Be Gone, Beasts!

The dresses? They are done. And I never want to see them again. But I have to, tomorrow at the wedding. Seriously, sewing on dupioni is a freaking nightmare. It ravels so badly that the presser foot and feed-dogs on my machine kept catching, then the seam would pucker, and I would have to tear the whole thing out and start again. I tore the skirt off the bigger dress no less than five times. Yes, five. Mercifully, the fabric is forgiving of needle holes and didn’t require cutting a new skirt.

I’m also kind of a renegade sewer- I can totally sew, but I’m not used to fine finish work. Putting in the blindstich hem was a challenge, but the invisible zipper made me cry (and swear), and I ended up calling a friend to rescue me.

I was so done with them, I forgot to take a picture. I just dropped them on the porch of the girls that are wearing them, made the sign of the evil eye, and sped off.

14 thoughts on “Be Gone, Beasts!

  1. You are a good friend. Somehow it seems the people we do these super human services for never fully comprehend the magnitude of what we’ve given. Not that they are ungrateful but someone who doesn’t sew would have no point of reference for how difficult the task is. So as my Italian Catholic neighbor used to say, “Give it up to God.” And your crown in heaven will be adorned with duponi silk 🙂

  2. I’m glad that’s behind you. I figured if you could work with that 3/4 inch cording I gave you, you could do anything. Maybe you can sneak some pictures in at the wedding?

  3. although i am not jealous of the frustration caused by dupioni silk, i am jealous of the ability to sew so well someone would ask you to sew on dupioni silk.

    i get frustrated sewing on cotton.

  4. You must post a picture of yourself making the sign of the evil eye!

    And what an excellent reason to swear! Good for you Tracy, I bet those dresses are incredible. Those are two very lucky girls. Have fun at the wedding.

  5. Tracy, I bet the dresses are just beautiful. I love dupionni, just not sewing on it. My wedding dress was made out of it…….and I’m sure it caused my mom no end of frustration. If you ever tackle it again, you might try some weft insertion interfacing, its magical stuff and seems to make sewing on all sorts of fabrics a lot easier, and it is head and shoulders above the quality of pellon interfacing from the big box stores.

  6. Um, wow. You sewed dupioni silk dresses in a really short amount of time. You are amazing. I would bow to you if it weren’t for that whole “No other gods before me” thing.

  7. So, you are saying the thousands of dollars charges for wedding dresses made of the stuff is worth it? These were truely a labor of love. I promise that I will NEVER ask you (or anyone else I love) to make dresses of the stuff. Amen.

    I love that yougave them the evil eye. Nothing like a good gypsy curse to start off a wedding! 🙂 Isn’t that how the saying goes, something old, something new, something borrowed and something made “made with love but made me swear and now I never want to see them again and I am considering boycotting the wedding?”. I am pretty sure that is the Old English version….

  8. I am pretty sure the Evil Eye or curses of any sort only work on those outside of your religion of choice. A few weeks ago, before the Temple thing, this may have been an option, but now, it will only work on people outside of your faith. Or so it says in the book of curses, chapter 2, paragraph 1 🙂

  9. You. Are. Amazing.

    Capture a few good photos at the wedding so that in the future you can look back on this sewing adventure and have visual proof that you were better than the dupioni.

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