A Little Story About Abby

You might see this little girl and think, “Aw, she’s pretty dang cute!” Then, as she got closer, you might find yourself thinking, “What the crap? What’s that all over her face?”

…Much like I did. “Abby, what have you been doing?” (thinking, oh man, I am in soooo much trouble in about ten years…)

No, my darling, hiding under the desk is definately NOT the answer. She looks up at me, adoring little pixie face, and sweetly chirps “Mama, make up!” You don’t say… I never would have guessed, Sweetie.

Ten thousand magical beans for whoever can name the Urban Decay pallette she got into… Girlfriend has good taste, what can I say?

13 thoughts on “A Little Story About Abby

  1. She looks absolutely darling, even with the self-done make-up job. Peanut loves getting into my make-up when I’m not paying attention. *sigh* At least it come off their skin, if not other various canvases.

  2. Sorry, but I can’t help but laugh. Of course, it isn’t my daughter in my make-up so that makes it easier for me to laugh about this adorable little monkey!

    Cornnut32, my youngest is a self-hair cutter. This last time I refused to get it fixed. Luckily, it blended in pretty well and her very short bangs are finally growing out. Except for homework, she is still not allowed to even touch scissors. She just won’t learn! I’m about ready to tear my own hair out…

  3. She looks like my son did yesturday when he dressed up as Jack the Pumpkin King. Except he didn’t have a great outfit like that. It is that time of year to use your makeup drawer to the fullest!

  4. Your Urban Decay Palette! She does have good taste. I will guess “Midnight Cowboy Rides Again?”
    No, she got into your Brow Box didn’t she? How did she manage to get those two perfectly symmetrical dots on her nose?

    That Abby is beyond adorable and yes you are in BIG trouble.

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