Date Night

I shall begin with the end- because really, when you end with a piece of banana cream pie that looks like that- why even bother with the rest?

No, I did not take the picture, but so help me, that is what the pie David ordered looked like. It was five pounds of pie- we brought half the slice home with us- and who brings PIE home because they cannot eat it all? Not us. Not ever.

We started the evening at the wedding reception- remember the dresses? Yeah, I still hate them. Love the girls who wore them, they looked darling, but the dresses are still an anathema to my soul. We stayed at the reception long enough to say hi, chat with a few people, see the cake, and then buzz off. We had a babysitter- and we were going out! I’m not stupid- I wasn’t wasting a whole evening at a reception my DH didn’t really know anyone and would thus, being the anti-social butterfly, grump in his chair.

Recently I redesigned the children’s menu for a restaurant downtown, and in payment, they gave me $150 in gift certificates. I’m good with that- it will force us to go out, when if they had paid me cash, I would have paid a bill or two with it- thus we had an enforced date. With that $150 we should be able to eat twice. It’s that kind of restaurant- and the food was absolutely stellar. Everything, absolutely everything, from my huckleberry lemonade to the hazelnuts on my salad, was superb.

And clearly, the pie… well, the pie was the bomb. And I just noticed peanut butter on my dress and I have to go freak out and wash everything. Gaaaaaa!

12 thoughts on “Date Night

  1. Oh, I’m so glad you had a good time and got some great food guilt-free. Sounds just like what I’d have wished for you.

  2. You crack me up wit the phrase anti-social butterfly. That describes my husband to a t. I am glad that you had a fun time! I need to get out with out the kids sometime soon.

  3. So glad you had a great time! And $75- for a meal for two?? With no liquor??? I am amazed that they allow children, let alone a children’s menu!

  4. I am not a pie lover, but that does look very yummy. 🙂 I can only think of one restaurant we went to that was that $$ to eat at. We’ve been once, but if we ever get back to the Logan area, and have time- we will eat there again. It was worth every penny!

  5. But doesn’t it feel go to go out and be able to have an appetizer and a salad and a main course and a dessert instead of just limiting yourself to one or two? I think you deserve it.
    And I think I deserve a piece of that pie…

  6. You, more than anyone, deserve a GREAT night out! So glad you have the chance to go again too…

    Mel, what is the restaurant in Logan? Heading there in Dec and just curious…

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