Leaving on a Jetplane

Beanie and I are headed off to California! It’s my brother’s surprise (shhhh!) 30th birthday, and we’re just hopping down for a long weekend. It’s a luxury, but Bean’s giddy with excitement.

This is the first time in years that I have travelled with only one kid, and not with an infant of some sorts. Bean is a notoriously bad flier, or at least he has been in the past, so I’m really hoping having me all to himself will make him a happy boy. A crying baby for two hours is one thing, a crying five-year old is just really sad. Keep your fingers crossed…

He’s going trick-or-treating with his cousins, having a party with his namesake uncle, and having the grands to himself for five days. It’s been two years since I’ve been back to the Bay Area- there are a few restaurants I want to hit up, but I probably won’t have time to even see friends.

Here’s hoping for short lines at security… remember this time?

12 thoughts on “Leaving on a Jetplane

  1. The flight went really well- he played with play-doh almost the whole way and now is chasing my mom’s cat around the backyard with his cousin. Yay!

  2. wow, look at how cute my little monster is when I log on from my mom’s computer! I’ve never seen it before!

  3. What?! No time for friends? I guess that means total strangers are out, too.

    Sorry the weather is all rainy and stuff.

  4. Oh yay! The flight went smoothly. Enjoy the rest of your visit. Yeah, ditto BCT, sorry about the weather. I put in an order for sun and 80s, but I must have missed the deadline.

  5. Awesome! I live in the Bay Area… it’s rainy here right now but is supposed to clear up for the trick-or-treaters! Have a blast!

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