A Brief Station Break:

Currently, I have the worst case of pink-eye you’ve ever seen. Think “ruby slippers” red, and that’s about right. I will spare you a picture. It’s gross. My eyes are seeping down my face, I had to toss a pair of contacts and resort to the old spectacles, and I have a sucky, nasty cold to go with. Ugh.

I did get some Good Mail, from one of my favorite people, Em- and with any luck, after I unstick my eyeballs in the morning, I’ll post a picture of the awesomeness she’s sent my way.

I also want to thank everyone (everyone!) for all the wonderful wishes and kindness you’ve been directing my way. We need all the help we can get, and I can feel your goodness.

11 thoughts on “A Brief Station Break:

  1. Oh good, it came! I really wanted to frame that print for you, but I sort of ran out of money. You know how that goes.
    Well, now you know that I know how that goes too.
    There’s more coming, but HSF and I probably won’t get it together before Christmas, because … you know.
    But you’ll have something to look forward to!

    And SO SORRY about the BLASTED EYES.

  2. Ew! That’s awful. I hope your eyes are healed soon. Along with the whole rest of your head. (If there’s anything else you need healed, let me know and I will send my awesome powers of hope your way.)

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