Do I Look Like A REAL Mom?

Awwwwwww Hell No.

Check out this ad. (Sunday night: It’s GONE!)

And some of the blowback

This is just nine ways of wrong, and someone’s head at Motrin is going to Roll. My guess is a hipster twenty-something with no kids thought this was edgy and funny. Epic FAIL.


And this, this just made me laugh. Do you hate junkmail? Want to get them back? Want a totally legal laugh? Read this website.

14 thoughts on “Do I Look Like A REAL Mom?

  1. Like totally Tracy. This is the reason I became an “official” mom, to be in fashion (or at least in theory).

    I wish I could send Motrin a brick.

  2. I knew someone once who just filled the paid postage envelope with a bunch of junk mail they had and then returned it…but I like this idea better!

  3. I generally wear my kid so that I can have hands free for the other two! I always thought it was the three kids I drag behind me that make me look like a REAL mom. I’d better go buy some fancier accouterments so people will know for sure!
    *looks around house for boxes/heavy junk/tape*

  4. Worst part? Assuming babywearing is uncomfortable. When I started using a real babycarrier –you know, the ones they are mocking –all of my pain actually went away. I had been using some dumb hiking backpack thing and it killed my shoulders. Now I can carry my FOUR year old on my back with no shoulder pain. Or hip pain. Or back pain.

    You’re right –whoever did this commercial was an idiot.

  5. Remind me why anyone would want to look more like an official mom? Why would that motivate anybody to do anything?

    Aargh. I hate it when my entire demographic is misunderstood.

  6. If you’re full of piss and vinegar to inform us all about getting back at ‘the man’ then I guess your eye is all better? 🙂

    I did actually see this commercial out of the corner of my eye while making dinner. And talked myself out of what I thought I saw. Not to have the attitude of the persecuted or anything but it’s another evidence that this culture is increasingly anti-SAHM. My oldest is 13, when she was little there were so many programs and activities for moms and kids during the day, great stuff. Now they are very hard to find. As are decent indoor play places. Then again we live in the East now not the midwest like we did then.

    Please, excuse my ranting.

  7. The local babywearing email list I belong to is up in arms over the ad. I suspect Motrin is going to regret it for quite a long time, if only from the huge number of outraged emails they’re getting.

  8. Setting all the hugely offensive stuff aside —

    Um…why would a pain killer advertise “I can live with the pain.” Aren’t they supposed to convince you that living with pain is wrong, and you should take pills so as to NOT live with pain?”

    Back to the offensive stuff –

    Baby carriers are designed to eliminate pain and be comfortable, as cheryl pointed out.

    Looking like a “real mom” does NOT include people making “cuckoo” sounds every time you go outside. I can’t get over that one. Oh boy! She’s CRAZY! Must be a MOM!! HAHAHA! Blech.

    Oh, and fictional crazy mom, if you’re crying all the time, motrin ain’t going to help. You need to look into post partum meds. Crying all the time is not normal or healthy, nor should it be portrayed as such.

  9. “Oh, and fictional crazy mom, if you’re crying all the time, motrin ain’t going to help”
    BAHAHAHAHAHA *giggle, snort, sigh* That was priceless, it totally made my day…

    cheryl’s comment is spot on. One of my first thoughts when I watched that was, “Dang lady, you need some help buying the right carrier because obviously you don’t have one that fits”.

  10. I’m a terrible human being because I actually find the idea of this funny, but in practice it doesn’t really work because as many have pointed out, baby-wearing is more comfortable than baby-carrying, and also, nobody wants to laugh at a mom in pain.

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