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Well, what’d that take? A month? Beanie and I missed his bus this morning. I have the time right, we get down there- and wait. And wait. And wait 20 minutes more- Hmmmmm. Let’s go home and call the bus, Beanie. Oh, hi Bus Driver Lady- what’s that? Oh, you come five minutes earlier now, and you told my husband? Yeah. Um, yeah, he forgot to tell me.


It’s the first day my pink eyes are nice and white again- and it feels sooooo gooood. I hate wearing my glasses- not because they’re not sexy in that librarian way, because they totally are- But because glasses are pain in the butt! They steam up when I open the oven, they fog when I do the dishes, they get ickies on the lenses when food spatters in the pan, the kids grab them, I have no peripheral vision in them, stairs are tricky, and they basically suck. So it was with great relief I cracked open a fresh pair of contacts this morning. Aaahhhhhh!

So my first task with my fresh new eyeballs was to drive Beanie to school. Late. Then, oh wow, since I was out by myself, I hit my favorite thrift store. Oh yeah, I don’t have any money- maybe I can dig up some change from the bottom of my purse- lack of organization is so handy sometimes. I got two skirts for 99 cents each. That’s some bargain shopping.


David has now applied for over 120 jobs. Chew on that for a while, and be very very grateful if you have a stable job and dependable income.

6 thoughts on “Meandering Thoughts

  1. I’m glad that your eyes are better. I know that it has been around over 11 months (?) of unemployment, but I had no idea that your husband had applied for over 120 jobs. I will will pray a bit harder for you, and hope that something comes your way soon!

  2. I feel your glasses frustration. There’s no end in sight for me, the Dr thinks this dry eye problem is a permanent part of my person now. blah.

    No worries with missing the bus, I do it several times a week. Doesn’t it make you feel like a rebel?

    Job searching sucks. It sucks big time. and then some more.

    If there is anything good to be gained it could be kids that are better able to bear the ups and downs of life. When I grew up my Dad was unemployed on several occasions. Being on unemployment was a process we were well acquainted with, as was being the receivers of the ward sub for Santa. So now, as an adult when my DH lost his job, twice, I knew how the system worked, that life would go on and that sometimes that just happens. A silver lining?

  3. We’ve missed buses a time or two (or more) around here… I’m glad your eyes are better!

    Jendoop is onto something about the perspective. I can see how my reaction this last time with our unemployment differed from the previous two times. I better understood what to expect. I was better able to see the blessings I still had in my life. And I knew I’d live through it. However, I think the silver lining is only apparent in hindsight. In my experience, it just looks gray and cloudy when one is going through the unwelcome circumstances! But I’m sure my kids are going to be better at dealing with these types of ups and downs than I was at the beginning…

    Tracy, the realization of an average of 11 job applications/month does seem daunting… but please don’t give up hope! Just keep putting one foot in front of the other. You are enduring well enough for now! Remember that “well enough for now” can change on a weekly, daily, or even hourly basis. Prayers are continually being offered in your behalf.

  4. That is a darn lot of jobs to have applied for. I appreciate your offer of thankfullness for the jobs we do have. I complain a lot about them, and a reminder this morning is something I needed.

    I am so glad your eyes are feeling a little better. Ugg. I hate pink eye. Had that a lot as a child. I still don’t know why.

    What I wanted to mention is that I have appricated your opening up and sharing hard things with us.

    It makes us all better, and I am grateful for it.

    I hope your situation soon, sorts itself out.

    Good luck and prayers to you!

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