Help Wanted

I need some help, friends. I need a web-designer to give me some help on a project. I’ve reserved the URL I want, and have a host all set up, but, while I have tons of ideas and can draw anything on paper, I don’t have the mad skills required to make my ideas jump to my (and your) computer screen. Anyone willing, or know someone, who would work with me?  I can’t pay much at all- but I can take it out in trade, or just good Karma. Or, I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a wicked web-design today…

(OK, I need to clarify- I have already done a design I want- I just need someone who can code and build it for me….)

5 thoughts on “Help Wanted

  1. My friend Crystal Liechty is good at this stuff–and I don’t think she charges too much either. Her design website is down right now for some bizarre reason ( but you can email her at crystalaliechty at yahoo dot com

  2. go check out my friend april at she is AWESOME. and she hardly charges anything. if you become a follower, she does free headers. she is really good, will do anything you want her to do, and will do it quickly. she has a gallery of some of her work up on her site.

    also, check out the wait there is a bit longer but their layouts are cute.

  3. Don’t have “wicked” web skills, but I can put together simple html/css/javascript if you decide to go with simple. 🙂 See for the site I helped my husband put together. It’s way simple, but he didn’t need complicated.

    A friend of mine does the “design” side of things (but not the develop/code part, which it sounds like you’re wanting) if you wanted to hash out look and feel with someone.

  4. My guy Josh gave me a great deal, but I also paid him quite a bit. Sounds really exciting and let me know if you want his contact info.

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