Forget Black Friday

It’s Make Something Day!

Instead of fighting the crowds and spending money you don’t have (oh, or maybe that’s just me) why not stay home today and make something? I’m teaching Jeffrey and Beanie how to knit. Jeffhave about 6 rows already on his sampler (with real needles) and I’m looking for the Knifty Knitter for Bean- I think he’ll have an easier time than finger knitting.

Yesterday was the nicest, most relaxing Thanksgiving I can remember, and it was all due to my amazing friends. I sat on my duff and knitted while Mo and V made dinner, the kids all got along, no one was hurt, there was no blood anywhere. Shortly before dinner, our first snowfall of the year began.  We couldn’t have had a nicer day. Mo wrote a lovely post that actually captures my feelings very well, so instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, I’m going to cheat and just send you to read her post. Hope you all had a lovely day as well.

Now I’m off to decorate for Christmas!

10 thoughts on “Forget Black Friday

  1. Unforgettable, we had such a blast, i’m so thankful we were able to get together. Michael LOVES that darn sock, lol. he keeps raving about how it so soft and comfy. he hasn’t taken it off. we’ve decided to take knitting classes together. so he can make all the socks he wants, in addition to many other things.
    BTW, there is a great prank in the works to include my husband, a brother-in-law and a certain Christmas salad. why yes. there will be a video made. youtube? but of course.

  2. I’m glad you had such a great holiday. I got to sit on my duff at my mom’s. Well…until the dishes any way. Even then I only had to dry. Hope your duff gets a rest on Christmas as well.

  3. Definitely makes things on Black Friday. I hate working the mall but unfortunately the bank likes a check once a month. My girls knit and make dolls. I love this about them. Now I need to find my son a project.

  4. No money here either, but even if we did- we’d have stayed home anyhow! Joe went hunting, my son worked on reading the 5th book in Harry Potter, and I worked on finishing up my Christmas craft fair stuff (it was yesterday.) Lovely & relaxing for sure!

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