Never Underestimate Your Two Year Old

So this afternoon, David and I decided to walk together to the bus stop to pick up Beanie. It’s crisp and cool here, and we were both feeling a little overwhelmed after discussing finances. The cold air would be good, and we could hold hands and pretend everything is fine for a few minutes. We told Jeffrey we’d be right back, and headed four houses up the street to stand on the corner and wait for the bus.

The bus was late. Like 10 minutes late, but we did enjoy being alone for those 10 minutes. We don’t get much alone time these days, and it was nice. We could see the house the whole time, and Jeffrey and Abby were both watching a cartoon when we left. What could go wrong, right? Right.

Bean got off the bus, we walked home, Bean and Jeff were playing in the living room, and I was muddling around in the kitchen. David called me from the stairs- and when he calls me “Tracy”, I know something very not good is happening. When I got upstairs, this is what I saw:


What is that? Aside from a very unmade bed… Let’s look closer, shall we?


Is it…is that… an egg? Eggs? Really? In MY bed? What the…




18 thoughts on “Never Underestimate Your Two Year Old

  1. Is that a kiss she’s puckering up for? One of those, “Love me, Mommy, even though I do things that drive you crazy?” kisses?? Seen LOTS of those in my day. I went to the bathroom once, and came out to see a trail of Nestle Quick Powder lining a path from the kitchen to the living room, up the stairs, around the corner, and into the hall. There was my 2 year old, eating the powder with a spoon, directly from the newly opened Costco can. “MMMmmmmm, Mommy, I yike shoklit!” Ah, 2 year olds. Gotta love ’em.

  2. The picture gave me flashbacks to the first week in our new Colorado house. I found my little boy behind the couch cracking eggs on the light biege carpet.

  3. She’s not puckering up for a kiss, she’s giving me attitude! She told me she was hungry, and she wanted yellow eggs. Yellow eggs = scrambled, at our house. I guess she was trying to be helpful.

    The funny thing is, the kitchen is on the west side of the main floor, and our bedroom is on the east side of the upstairs- so she hiked those eggs to our bedroom, for some reason. Because… mama always makes yellow eggs in bed? I dunno….

  4. Ah ha ha ha! That little Abby is too much. I’m with Thora and Melzie – she actually cracked the egg and managed to not break the yoke – amazing!

    Thanks for sharing!

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