BusyBeBackSoon (Live Updated)

O.P. 6:42 p.m. Swamped with making stuff right now… Can’t say too much, but will post pictures. Am painting (Nestle, it’s coming), sewing (borrowed machine) and making all sorts of stuff. More tomorrow… need to catch breath. Throw food at children, descend back to subterranian creation grotto… More later…

Whoo-hoo. Maybe this will make me feel like I’m actually getting things done.

9:24 p.m. Kids are all in bed, two loads of laundry done (not folded), just finished re-wallpapering the wall in the Toile bathroom where Jeff tore a big chunk off. Been meaning to do it for months, now it’s fixed. Also spackled and repaired hole in wall where Bean used towel bar for chin-ups.

11:11 p.m. Finished Mo’s birthday present (only two months late…) Made three Christmas pillow-cases for the kids, and two swadling blankets for my darling new nephew Matthew. Now to check the wallpaper in the bathroom and see if everything set up right.

11:33 p.m. Towel rack hole is set up nicely, paper is adhered and bathroom is clean. First load of dishes in washer, debating doing 2nd by hand now, or waiting and putting them though the washer. I hate dishes. I would rather clean toilets than do dishes. Really.


11:49 a.m. Gotten two kids off to school, self showered and cleaned, Abby dressed and fed, a few phone calls returned, another load of laundry done (still nothing folded)  and that’s about it. My bagel just popped in the toaster. Up next: another load of dishes, the kitchen floors, and Playroom Napalm.

How pathetic is it that I have to resort to such self-manipulative tactics to motivate myself? Sheesh. It’s like watching paint dry- and yet, I find myself oddly exhilarated as I get to add a new ‘accomplishment’ to my list. To what depths have I sunk? My life is so sad.

1:38 The kitchen is clean, including the inside of the microwave and the pans under the burners. The butcher block is cleaned and oiled, the toaster-leavins’ are wiped away. Abby has been in my make-up again, only this time she hit the blue eyeshaddow. Hard. She looks like Mimi. And it’s too cute (or else I am too tired to care) to wipe away.  The laundry piles are evening out, and with another load, I may have more DONE than I have LEFT. Maybe.

Just finished a commissioned painting for Nestle. Only thing left to do is some lettering, sign it, and take it to be archivally packed and shipped. Whew. Been feeling REALLY guilty about this one for a loooooong time.

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  1. i hate wall papering. i would rather do toilets and dishes over putting that stuff up. i get frustrated because i can never get it straight or get it to match up right.

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