24 thoughts on “New Painting- Nestle Commission

  1. Fantastic. Actually looks like a snapshot from a distance. And I thought it was vinyl lettering at first. You’re very talented. Expect a call from me one day – my house has only my kids art lessons work framed. Do you have your own work on display in your house?

  2. Seriously, do you take commissions? Because that’s exactly the sort of thing I’d like to get my mother for her birthday (which is in February) . . . It’s gorgeous.

  3. Yes, I do take commissions. Right now I have a waiting list- so February is probably not likely. I’m also not the quickest at turnaround. Nestle has been waiting on this for months. You can’t force art… Well, at least I can’t.

  4. Well, that’s cool enough that I’d like to get on your waiting list; mothers have birthdays every year 🙂

    It’s beautiful. Your talent just amazes me.

  5. Since I know how to color correct…

    Not the quickest at turnaround?! There’s the understatement of the year(and it’s December, so we can be pretty sure on that), lol!

  6. wonderful! Thanks for sharing- I had thoughts about petitioning to see the completed work but you must have heard my silent pleas.

    You give yourself a hard time about turnaround time but being an artist myself I am amazed that you can carve out space, time and mental clarity to paint. Although painting would give mental clarity. I’m talking in circles now so I’ll stop.

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