Dear World

For the first time since becomming a mother, there will be no M Family Christmas Card this season. Due to circumstances beyond (waaaaay beyond…) my control, we are unable to scrape up the piles o’ cash required to make and send them out. Delving into alternative methods, we are still left stymied, and thus, consider this your Christmas Card for 2008.

Merry Christmas. You are loved. Here’s to joyful and new 2009. Fingers crossed, breath holding, prayers ascending…
The M Family.
David, Tracy, Jeffrey, Beanie and Abigail.

We apologise for any inconvenience. We now resume your regular broadcasing…

10 thoughts on “Dear World

  1. I like the British spelling of “apologise.” I’ve been editing a lot of British texts recently and I’m getting confused . . .

    I hope things start looking up and that Christmas goes well.

  2. I feel lucky . . . I would not have been on your hard-copy Christmas card list, and so because of your misfortune, I am suddenly the recipient of a very welcome holiday greeting I would have otherwise missed.

    Thanks for sharing, and even though I don’t know you, I will keep your family in my prayers.

  3. I’ve never been good about sending out all those cards, so I eventually just gave up. Welcome to the dark side!
    The picture gives rise to all sorts of fun thoughts about an update letter though… “Abby has embraced the goth scene and wants to be a vampire when she grows up. Jeff is doing well as you can see from his lively smile, which he has because of his joy in knocking Bean’s lower jaw two inches out of place. Bean can do one heck of a train whistle now though, so he doesn’t mind too much!”

  4. I was better at sending cards out before I had kids, when there was just the two of us and we were fairly boring, and now there is news and I can’t seem to get cards out. Oh well, I guess there is always blogging!

  5. I remember the year my husband gutted his childhood stamp collection so we could mail Christmas cards. Pathetic, but sweet. Now I just don’t mail them because I can hardly remember where the mailbox is, let alone pull it together enough to write something, print it out, find my address book and stamps, all at the same time.

    Hope your Christmas is filled with joys large and small.

  6. Looks like Abby dolled up for the occasion! Love that little girl.

    Merry Christmas Tracy Family. Sending you a card and hopefully it will get there before you take off to CA.

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