The Neverending Vacation

Home. Such a sweet word, such a wonderful idea, such yearning in my heart… We were supposed to be there by now. Yet, here I sit, vacantly staring at the weather reports and traffic cameras for our route home, watching the snow pile and pile and pile up.

The sunny California days mock me, and I think about just piling everyone in the car and bazaiing up north anyway. I can see why the pioneers and the Donner Party got caught up in the dream of “getting there” and ended up eating each other in the insane mountain snow.

Not that I want to eat anyone. Which is why I still sit here, hitting f5 every few minutes while my eyes glaze over, reflecting the constant snow shown on the monitor.

Waiting for a break in the snow… Waiting. Waiting. Waiting…

9 thoughts on “The Neverending Vacation

  1. So sorry. Weather is one of those things designed to remind us humans how puny we are.

    Awfully puny.

    I hope going home (SAFELY) is possible soon!

  2. The cheese place is on Shattuck Avenue near Vine (near the UC Berkeley campus) but I just checked their website and they are closed from Jan. 1 – Jan 8. Bummer.

    I’m sure I could come up with something else if you are itching to get off the peninsula. Email me if interested. Tilden Park has possibilities for kid entertainment.

  3. If you want to swing by Sac, we’ve got a pathetic zoo and we’re two hours from lots of fun stuff.

    I’m sure there’s a cheese shop around here somewhere. 🙂

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