Snow Day

No! Nooooooooo! Isn’t  almost three weeks with my kids enough? Why? Whyyyyyy? Today was supposed to be my day to get stuff done. I was going to clean, organize and get the house back in order. But noooooooooo…. the schools had to close. First day back, and they close. Why can’t Mom close for the day? That would be good.

Instead, my mostly clean house is a disaster now, as my children dug out all their Christmas presents, opened wrappers and promptly lost pieces. For a few hours I tried to rein in the chaos, but eventually I gave up,  plopped down with my knitting and ignored everything.

My friend brought Stella the Bird back, sans a few feathers. Seems her cat was enchanted with poor Stella, and knocked her cage over twice, in an attempt to get at the tender little birdie-snack inside. I can’t even imagine the nightmares her little bird brain is rolling. I think she’s happy to be home.

Tonight, after the kids were all banished to their rooms, I undecked the halls, tore the tree down, and David schlepped the boxes back to the garage. The living room is back to normal, at least until the beasties wake with the dawn.

Please, oh please, let the magic golden chariots of school come rolling ’round the corner tomorrow… please please please…?

(Edit: 11:56 pm NOOOOOO! I just checked the district website. No school January 6. That’s Tuesday, right? Right? RIGHT?? Awwww crap. Crapity crap crap. I’m going to go cry.)

6 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. Awww… I wish I taugh in your school district. *sigh* Instead, I have a lot of restless hormonal teens who are pouting with semester exams coming up… I hope the kids go to school tomorrow- those teachers need reality checks on what school is again. LOL!

  2. I’m glad you sat down with your knitting and ignored the chaos. That is one of the best therapies on days like this. And at least later you got your Christmas stuff put away. Mine is behind me, started but screaming to be finished. Yet here I sit blogging… Avoidance is my middle name! lol

    My kids look forward to snow days but never get them often enough for their liking. Hope you are completely back to school – er, I mean normal – soon!

  3. My kiddos came home early today and probably won’t have school tomorrow because of weather. I feel your pain. But I will not be taking down Christmas while they’re around, someone will get hurt.

  4. Annette comment is so great. Yes, it is cruel to have vacation extended in such a way. And being stuck at home to boot! AGH!

    My girls are off track, it’s a silly thing that they do in my district called “year round school.” It just so happens that their off track time coincides with the holidays, which equals five weeks off! We still have a few more weeks to go.

    But seriously, my girls are quite easy most days and help me a great deal with the younger ones. We are taking the time off to learn to snowboard, get in our dentist appointments, sleep in, and visit some local fun places (like the Body Exhibit – actual corpses are used).

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