Specific Crap

I’m going to cry. Really, really, I am crying. No school tomorrow either. That’s three snow days in a row. Beanie NEEDS to get back in his classroom- the boy (and I) have had enough of the free-flowing vacation, and we need some Structure, ya hear?

Supposedly, structural engineers are checking all the schools for roof cracks, are having the roofs shovelled and cleard, and blah blah blah. Sheesh. Not the kind of structure I was looking for, guys.

12 thoughts on “Specific Crap

  1. Ugh. Maybe if this happened sometime in the middle of February or something it would be tolerable, but just added on to weeks of vacation already is too much for a mama to handle. So sorry.

  2. Yeah, it’s definately the fact that I haven’t even unpacked everything from our trip yet, I haven’t had the car cleaned, I have waist-high snow in my yard, and I have been with my children for almost a month straight- no breaks. Gah!!

  3. It’s days like this that they need to open the gym at church and let the kids run around while mom’s sit and chat at the back. Good luck. Hopefully things will start to get back to normal out that way soon!

  4. This is where you throw in a bunch of DVDs, pop huge bowls of popcorn, and plant the kids in front of the TV all freaking day so you can think clearly. And not feel guilty for it AT ALL.

  5. The neverending vacation. I’m so sorry.

    Ditto Annette on no guilt movies.

    Some sanity suggestions: see if you can talk someone into sending their kids over in the morning and then taking your kids in the afternoon. Does anyone in your circle of friends have a key to the church? We used to take over the gym when it rained. Just brought tons of balls and let the kids run off some of that cabin fever energy. Now we go to the playland at McD’s (having fed them before we go) buy a big thing of fries to split and let them yell their silly heads off. Anything to get out!

    Good luck.

  6. Having grown up in AZ and now living in Nor Cal, I can’t relate to snow days at all. But wanting to cry because you’ve been with your kids for a month (2 weeks spent at someone else’s house), I can definitely relate to that.

    I say do the movie thing or find someone to take them for the morning. Going to the church burns off steam for them but doesn’t allow you to get things done at home – unless your DH wants to take them to the church.

  7. It’s officially 3 weeks with no school now. A day or two more and one of us isn’t coming out of this house alive, lol.
    Hopefully they can make it back tomorrow, but the district here is worried because the sidewalks and streets aren’t cleared, and it may be a loooong time until that gets done. There’s just no place to put all that snow.
    Hey, at least all the area Walmarts reopened right? You can let your kids terrorize them instead!

  8. try getting several other moms with young kids together, call someone in your rs presidency, ask if you can have the keys to the church that you want to have a “mini” enchricment meeting at the church. Let the kids have the run of the gym, bring some toys for the youngest ones (push toys are great in the gym because you have so much room) and either walk the gym while your kids play or sit and visit with the other moms. We did this almost daily (m-f) in my last ward and we would walk the gym as they played, ti worked great.

  9. Looking for a positive here – still looking – oh, got it! At least they are being cautious. You would feel worse if the school roofs caved in and squashed a bunch of kids. … Hmm, we would feel bad about that, right? …still thinking…

    People cooped up in the winter with no place to go and energy to burn is a b-a-d combination. Use whatever is necessary – movies, TV, friends, play groups, indoor play areas, whatever it takes – to stay somewhat sane. Guilt and normalcy do not apply in these emergency situations. Hang in there!

  10. Boy kids have it easy these days…whatever happened to ‘walking up hill both ways (with a piano on your back or inset you own whatever) in the snow to get to school’ . Send them in the back yard and tell them if they can build an igloo they can sleep in it tonight!

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