2008: The Year in Review

I have to admit, I’m not really looking forward to doing this – I mean, who wants to pick at the nasty, unhealed, festering gob that was last year? And only seven days into the bright and shiny new year? But, with a heave and a sigh, I will avail myself, in the name of good blogging (what? you wanna argue?) and glance briefly over my shoulder at the departing year of the Rat. (That should have been my first clue, right?)

January: Ah, yes, it’s been a year- wait for it- tomorrow! Yes, since that knock on the garage door in the middle of the day, where I greeted the angst filled eyes of my dearly beloved. We embarked on the new Journey of Unemployed, bravely thinking “oh, this won’t take long…” Ah, the folly of youth and inexperience. We discovered the horror of the (very broken) welfare system, and opted to rely on ourselves and our church. I did start painting again, and Abby discovered M&M’s fit nicely up her nose.

February: My mom came to visit, and got snowed in with a sprained shoulder. I became a delegate in the presidential caucuses and learned the value of napping. Working at the Bishop’s Storehouse once again lighted up my life. The Random Crap posts began, and I sold my first painting on Etsy.

March: The Cheese Painting still languishes away on Etsy, while we get fantastic good mail from bloggy and real-life friends all over the country. It’s amazing. Jeffrey decides he wants to be a writer too, and publishes his first two short stories online. The Hair Challenge begins and I give up The Knot and begin the long journey toward liking my curls. (still working on it, btw)

April: April is dark. I struggle with the unemployment, now going on four months. April is very dark, emotionally, as we struggle with things I cannot write about. All the posts are either about hurt, or about my hair. Sheesh. Why do you awesome people even read this crap? It hurts to re-read some of it. And we just keep truckin’ on… Abby turns two, and Mama smiles.

May: I resort to making lists- simple things that make me feel OK. You get some recipes, some ideas, some random crap. We began the long journey towards getting Beanie some help and some OT and PT. Someone found a fantastic local cheese monger, and someone else sent me a gift-certificate to the cheese monger. I still don’t know who, but I still love you. Mo hacked my site. Abby busted her lip open, and I introduced you to Harold and Maude, my butterflies. You also got to see my closet, my kitchen sink and the inside of my ‘fridge, for some insane reason.

June: Abby moved into a big girl bed and I took Mo to see Sex and the City, for which I’m still waiting to be forgiven. We had our first lightning storm of the summer and Stella got her grove on in my new fancy antique birdcage. Honey ice-cream enters my life (and arteries) and I have a moving experience at the Humble Market. My garage sales yield some good stuff, including a LV handbag and an armoire for the TV. Yes! Small victories, people- small victories. The job hunt continues.

July: A French touriste ran over Auntie Heather, delaying our visit… We made jam, had fireworks (shhhhh! they’re illegal…) and celebrated. The Best Cherry Pie Ever came out of my oven, and I discovered Ree. I made a bunch of stuff, and Jeffrey and I headed off to Salt Lake City for a conference, which turned out to be great, great fun.

August: Utah was a blast. The job search continues, even though we have now passed my personal point of panic. Amazingly, we are still alive. I tried to potty-train Abby, and gave up. We had a suicide in our family, and things look bleak and sad everywhere I turn- We struggle with how or what to tell my kids about their uncle, and grief rolls on. Jeffrey turns 7 at the end of the month, and we get ready for school to start.

September: School starts, and when a friend gets engaged, I am recruited to help with the wedding. Auntie Heather avoids foreign drivers and manages to make it up for a visit, and the kids fall madly in love with her- we all do. Beanie turns five and decides to give up dressing like a girl; I have a sad moment for his innocence passing.  David and I celebrate nine years together, and nine months of no job. A childhood friend of mine became a widow, and I count my blessings.

October: Random Crap carried on, and Beanie finally got his IEP and admittance to a fantastic school. Hooray! I have a fantastic birthday, due entirely to the awesome people that love me. I went to the Temple for the first time eve, and began my love/hate relationship with ivory dupioni silk. Abby found my make-up, and Beanie and I took off to California for the weekend, courtesy of Grandma.

November: Vote! Yay! That’s all I have to say about that. Oh, the poop jokes my family can’t seem to grow out of… I got pink eye, and I got ticked at Motrin. There were struggles, and things look bleak. Going on eleven months… no job yet. It’s not for lack of trying.  My lungs suck, and I dry-drunk dial the blog. I skip Black Friday because, hey, it’s easy to stay home when you have no money! But I make all my Christmas presents this year, and that makes ME happy.

December: Abby, for some reason yet to be determined, cracks a bunch of eggs in my bed. My sewing machine dies, and my dentist comes to the rescue. I finish another painting, and bow out of Christmas cards for the first time ever.  Insomnia kicks in big time, and random people continue to do amazing and generous things for my family. We make it out of town just before a blizzard, and head off to California for Christmas and the Never-ending Vacation.

17 thoughts on “2008: The Year in Review

  1. Wow! That’s one heck of a year. Here’s to hoping this year is better. Much better.

    Whatever happened to the glorious cheese painting? I wonder if you could trade it with your cheese monger for a few hundred dollars worth of yum in special cheese paper. (I saw my first special cheese paper at Bel Air last month and thought of you.)

  2. Awww! That’s cool Jami! Yeah, I have tossed around the idea of taking in to her and seeing what she says about a swap. I did have one person interested, but she wanted it repainted in greens, and well, it just didn’t happen. It’s still on Etsy, I think… Mo? Is it?

  3. I didn’t see the cheese on Etsy, you should have Mo put it back up! As I was reading your year in review, there were many months where I said to myself…that happened that lomg ago…I’m sure for you though that it all is still very fresh to you and maybe you can’t run away fast enough (well. that’s how I would feel). I am glad that you did have things happen to you that didn’t suck! Oooo, I tried a new cheese during the holidays…apple smoked Gruyere! Never heard of it before and I liked it ok. Maybe I’ll be more adventerouse and try cheese!

  4. Wow! I cannot believe all that you have been through, and amazing as it seems, we’ve been with you the entire time.

    The Hair Challenge Saga – I absolutely have the best memories of this month with you! Thank you for everything Tracy – I consider you one of my best friends.

  5. Wow, what a year. I keep reading because you have a way with words that I envy, and you make me wish that you were my next door neighbor so we could be friends.

  6. You are brave to recap that year! Its amazing to me how much of it I remember reading and that it doesn’t feel so long ago that I read it. Here’s to a better 09′!

  7. Can I second the notion I wish we were neighbors? I would love to have a neighbor whose children could pop in and out, and mine could do the same. We moms would never get any housework done due to chatting, but then again, we never do anyway.

    2008 was a neutral year for me – nothing too exciting or horrible. 2009 is shaping up to be a heap of suckage for me personally. I am, however, very excited about the new president and a sense of new hope politically.

    Cheers (ching ching the Martinelli’s) to 2009. May we all see better days ahead!

  8. Even if we all were neighbors, I’m sure most of us could still find something about which to blog!! 😉

    Tracy, what a year you have had! Two ideas to consider for perspective: 2008 is over! You will never have to relive the day-to-day pressures of the past year. So even though there isn’t much change with the job situation, it is a new year offering new hope! Hold onto that hope.

    Most important in my mind is the mind-boggling fact that you SURVIVED the “nasty, unhealed, festering gob that was last year.” YOU ARE A SURVIVOR!!!

    And believe it or not, your example helps me survive my own seemingly insurmountable challenges. Thanks for sharing your highs and lows with your friends.

  9. The Etsy site in question seems to have lost your painting somehow. But there’s plenty of empty space just waiting to be filled…Quilt patterns, knitted socks, diaper bags, paintings, it all sounds so wonderful yes?
    May I be the first to petition for more crafty goodness?

  10. Hard year – glad it is in the rearview mirror.

    Hope your kids finally made it to school this week!

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