Dear Billy Mays

Mighty Putty sucks. Don’t waste your money. Oxy Clean was the bomb, but you have utterly failed me with the Mighty Putty. If you’re not careful, my TV pitchman loyalty may jump ship and buy a Sham-WOW. Be careful, Mr Mays, be carefull. That is all.

16 thoughts on “Dear Billy Mays

  1. Love it! My radio station does everything they can to make sure no one buys Mighty Putty. I think your experience is probably common.

  2. my kids tell me all the time that we need both the mighty putty & the sham wow, those commercials are so geared towards kids ( or maybe it’s just my kids anything that looks exciting on tv they want, big surprise)

  3. It took me awhile to finally try oxyclean, and now I can say I Have a Testimony of Oxyclean. Other than that, his voice kills me!

    The new guy that’s pushing stuff – his slam chop or whatever it’s called is piking my interest.

  4. I don’t like him, he’s too loud. Don’t yell at me, I’m just trying to watch TV.

    Sham Wow is tempting, despite my fears that the guy’s eyeballs are about to jump out of his head. I don’t want to see that, even though it would be a quick and easy clean-up with the sham wow.

  5. Is he also the guy that does the add for the magnetic extenders for jewlery (can’t think of the product name…maybe clever clasp or something?) and the hercules hook…I have wondered if those work?

    We just saw him doing an add the other day and DH swears they have replaced him with a look alike dubbing his voice in… that’s just a creepy thought.

  6. My friend’s 8 yo daughter is obsessed with his Big City Sliders pan. Out of all the toys, clothes, etc that she could have asked for this past Christmas, the Big City Sliders pan was the only thing on her Christmas list.

    I am also mightily tempted by the Sham Wow. I honestly think most of the draw is its name. Honestly, has there ever been a better product name?

  7. That is so funny, T, my mom got little J an Ebelskiver pan fom Williams Sonoma. When we get the proper timing down on visiting, we will have to plan a pancake party 🙂

    And Wiz, the Sham Wow is just a fancy towel and you can buy them at Walgreens, so save the S&H.

  8. Hey–I just saw the Sham Wow guy on another infomercial..the chopper thingie that was renamed the “slap chop”. He was still wearing the head microphone. That kind of bugs me…

    I cracked up when I read this b/c I just bought the shark hard wood floor thing and it DOESN”T WORK………

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