Maybe two-and-a-half is too young, but she’s totally into it, doesn’t care at all about mistakes and carries on undaunted. It’s so fun to watch her try…


These are my yarns-in-waiting, to be knitted into scarves, socks, and a few mittens.

I was thirty before I learned to knit- but I always wanted to learn. Crochet, while very pretty, didn’t satisfy something deep inside me, and I yearned to learn how to make those ungainly needles spin pretty yarn into beautiful things. The first thing I ever made was a sock. I know. Who starts with a pair of socks?  Now, I make all kinds of things, and find such satisfaction and joy in the process- I don’t even care so much about product anymore. If it’s prety, I’m satisfied.


These little fingerless Rent gloves came off my needles last night for little Mira, Mo’s daughter. Now Bean wants a pair, Jeffrey wants a pair- and truth be told, I kind of want some too.

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  1. Those glove are adorable! I need to learn to knit. I’ll be sure to put it on my list of things to do when all my kids are in school, or at least a couple of them. You are so talented. I wanna be like you.

  2. What pretty yarns all lined up there. I love that Abby’s knitting. I agree, there is something about knitting that you just can’t get from crochet. I only learned how to knit this last year and it’s been such a happy thing for me. The gloves are so fun.

  3. I must not have been clear… I LOVE KNITTING SOCKS! I make them all the time. My family teases me about all the socks I make. Often, I only make one, so I have lots and lots of single, wacky socks. But socks are hard! You have to increase, decrease, heel-stitch, pick up, and rib. It’s a tough first project.

  4. Your 2 year old is knitting. I bet she’s a better student than I am. 🙂

    Although knitting has always appealed to me as well. Does it take visualizing skillz? Because if it does, I’m toast.

    Great gloves.

  5. “You have to increase, decrease, heel-stitch, pick up, and rib.”

    That is why I have to buy socks…I have NO idea what all that means!

    The gloves are awesome…they even look soft!

  6. Wiz, I know your challenges, but you might be able to do it… it’s more about movement than about visual. Can you crochet? Or play an instrument? If you can do either of those, you can learn to knit.

  7. I love it. I wasn’t feeling well the other day, and Stinky came into my room with me. I put on “Land Before Time’ and crawled into bed to knit. He found an abandoned project and climbed it to bed with me, where he proceeded to stab the poor yarn to death.

  8. My friend Karen teaches all of her boys to knit. I think it is great. I want to learn. I have a suspicion that Cubby would be really good at it….

  9. Isn’t it great to feel a good soft yarn too… I love it. Just like feeling fabric – part of why I quilt.

    I was just saying the other day that I need fingerless gloves when I go out on cold days with my camera. Like back in my marching band days – holding a cold flute is impossible in practice… fingerless gloves make it all better.

    There’s all sorts of reasons for fingerless gloves… and yours look WAY more stylish than ours when we just cut the fingers off of the gloves 🙂 And, yes, So much softer.

  10. I remember when you first started to knit. I have the goods from one of your first adventures. The scarf I wear constantly, it is my favorite scarf by far. The first time I wore the hat, J looked at me and told me I look like a penis and it has never donned my head again. I stare at it thinking I should try once more, but alas I never have. I store the goods together, so that the hat is not alone! I wouln’t mind a pair of matching gloves however…hint, hint 😉

  11. B- yeah, you can, but it’ll send you to moderation. It’s to keep spam down.
    I’ll make you gloves, but do you want them to match your penis hat? Or a new color? Penis hat. HA!

    Mom mom, if you’re a knitter, it couldn’t be easier:

    Cast on 34 or 42 stitches and divide on three dp needles (12, 12, 10 or 14, 14, 14). Knit in the round for as long as you like, slip first 4 st from dp1 onto a scrap of yarn, cast on 4 more using backward loop, and knit for another 1 to 1.5 inches. bind off.

    Pick up 4 st on scrap yarn, and using dp1, pick up 4 st on dp 2 and 3, and knit thumb for 1 inch. bind off.

    Ta da! That’s it!

  12. Aye, That’s the rub… I can’t knit (a needle in each hand – huh What?!) I have crocheted (dang. HOW do you spell that in past tense?!), but only blankets. And if I take up another hobby – it won’t be pretty at my house. Quilting is it right now 🙂

  13. Yeah, if you have the finger coordination to play an instrument, you probably have the finger coordination to knit! Yay! Now fly up here for the week and I’ll teach you.

    But what on earth will you do with scarves, mitten and socks in Arizona? 🙂

  14. “Maybe two-and-a-half is too young, but she’s totally into it, doesn’t care at all about mistakes and carries on undaunted.”

    Sometimes there are deeply profound lessons in the actions of our youngest children. Truly, of such is the kingdom of heaven.

  15. Knitting is great. I love to feel it develop, knowing I’ve touched every stitch as it was made, tactile. The yarns are so colorful and creative too. Living just over an hour from NYC makes it tempting to visit PurlSOHO.

    But after getting 3/4 through a blanket for Baby I developed carpal tunnel and it won’t go away. Cry.

  16. Knitting is really hard for me. Crochet I can do easy-peasy, but for some reason, I have to concentrate a lot when I try to knit or my needles slip and my stitches slip and things go wacky fast. I love the feel of a good-quality yarn, though. I’ve crocheted way too many things with crappy acrylic and plastic hooks. Someday I will try a wood crochet hook and I suspect I will be in love. For now though, I’m slowly buying metal ones to replace my plastic ones. The yarn always gets stuck on the plastic hooks.

  17. I don’t think I could knit, my coordination is horrible.
    I might could crochet though. It seems kind of like why I snowboard instead of ski, both feet controlling one thing, okay, two feet controlling two separate things, no go.
    So basically if you crochet you’re a snowboarder and if you knit you’re a skier, makes perfect sense to me…
    When the Wiz comes to visit and you guys are making me stuff, can I come over?

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