Crayon Muffins

Jeffrey objected to my posting his letter about Target, so out of respect for my boy, I pulled it. I wondered when we would reach that point, and we are here- it’s OK, I want to respect my family’s privacy, believe it or not, and don’t mind editing some things. If it’s about me, all bets are off- if it’s about you, I promise a little prudence.

So this is what we did today:



It was great fun, we used up all the reject crayons around the house, and we now have awesome crayon muffins to play with. Just be careful taking the hot pan out of the oven- I think TftCarriedropped a tray once, and while that makes a good blog post,  I don’t even want to think about that mess.

11 thoughts on “Crayon Muffins

  1. We make these things about once a month (you know my OCD, I totally have the same day every month 🙂 ) With how much B colors, we would be buying crayons so often if we didn’t do this. I used heart shaped muffin tins last year and made enough for her to give her class for Valentines.

  2. do you have a picture of the finish product. Did you actually cook them in the oven so they all melt into one lump? I have to know!!!! my kids would so love this.

  3. Yeah, we need a temperature and time please. I suppose we could experiment or look it up ourselves, but there’s no sense in robbing you of the chance to help others 😉
    I have car shaped tins that would be SO awesome as big crayon chunks.

  4. I just used the mini muffin tins, heated the oven to about 300, and watched them until they were all liquid and melty- about 10 minutes, I think. Pull them out carefully, and cool on top of the stove. It’s kind of fun to use a toothpick and swirl the colors as they cool, too.

    Twack them on the counter upside down, when they are totally cool, and voila.

  5. I’m making a comment here about your post over at MMW because with 57 comments who knows if you would give more than a passing glance to #58. 🙂

    Sometimes change seems like a curse when it could hold the answers we’re looking for. My heart goes out to you with Bean, to start all over again with a new teacher. Not to mention starting all over with a new bishop, walk in and spill your guts to someone you don’t know to get the help that is already hard to swallow. My hope is that the answers you seek are in your new ward family. Maybe God loves you enough to rearrange the whole stake just so you’d have just the right people to help you in the best way in your new ward. I’m keeping faith for you, that the answers are hidden like diamonds in the rough.

    Let the house and kids be dirty and find something simple to enjoy today. If it makes you feel better I still haven’t taken down Christmas.

    love to you, keep pushing the demons away.

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