Welcome to my Crack Den

This my drug. I am an addict. It does not matter if I don’t need more (what’s needanyway?) I am powerless over my addiction. I cannot drive by a fabric store- my car just veers wildly and turns into the parking lot,  ripping into a spot, while I get out, zombie-like with stars in my eyes, clutching a fist-full of coupons and make a beeline for the front door.

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When I have quiet time, sometimes I go downstairs to my sewing den, and fold, catagorize and organize it all by color and style. This makes me feel really happy, and gives me the sick illusion that I have control over something in my life.

I do this at night, alone, when everyone is sleeping.

I have a dealer. She own the best quilt shop in town, and when I design new quilts for her to sell, she gives me fabric. I have another dealer, too. He lives in New York, but he runs a fabric company, and he sends me tear-offs from new lines that are coming out (not in stores yet!), for free(!) if I would just make a new something of them. After Abby was born, I tried to go clean, and stopped taking fabric from him, but the draw is calling me again- and my fingers itch touch the new goods.


29 thoughts on “Welcome to my Crack Den

  1. One person’s crack den is another person’s hell…..I would run screaming.

    But hey, you knew that. 🙂 And I completely understand the organizing of something to simulate control. My clothes all hang in my closet organized by color and sleeve length. No, really, they do.

  2. My MIL is just like you as far as veering off into fabric stores. She often teaches quilting classes and gets paid in fabric.

  3. It’s so pretty….(that would be the mesmerized bug getting zapped by the bug zapper in A Bug’s Life…aka…me looking at all your pretty pretty fabric).

    I’m jealous.

    and I’m with The Wiz…my clothes all hang in my closet organized by color and sleeve length. Lately, DH has been hanging them up to save me energy (making two babies is tiring!) which I love and appreciate. But I also miss my system.

  4. With the Wiz on this one. (Except for the closet thing.) But all that fabric looks pretty in photos.

    But in the genral sense, I identify as a fellow addict. My meth? Books. New books. Old books. I’m a sucker for door-to-door book sellers. And I actually rearrange all the books at thrift stores, because they’ll toss something in religion that is clearly a novel or they have a full set of something rare all split up willy-nilly. And it flips me out when people arrange books by COLOR. What? Color? OK, I’ll stop now.

  5. I’m so jealous. My den is in the front room so it’s hard to keep secret. I have to figure out new storage solutions that still look front roomish.
    Sorry to hear Abbey was born addicted. I was too. I’m not sure how long it takes to get out of the system, hopefully before she is able to score for herself.

  6. I can’t deal with books by colore, either!! Something about it just makes me nutty.

    JS, I HAVE seen your mom’s room!

    Wiz, my closet is organized by color, too. Again, the imaginary control. 🙂

  7. I would pay to know the name of your dealer in New York . . . I have the same addiction. I hate it when one of the ladies at the quilt shop asks me what I have in mind for a particular piece of fabric. I get all shifty-eyed and defensive. It’s for my stash, okay?

    Once, in the wee hours as I lovingly folded and, yes, I’ll admit it, petted a lovely stack of fabric, I decided to add up what it was all worth. I had to stop because I began to feel something awfully close to nausea as the number climbed higher and higher . . . what can I say? Some women drink!

  8. I pet my fabric too!

    I hate it when they ask me, too! It’s like, what? Why do I have to have a project in mind? It’s pretty, and I must have it, all right? Leave me alone. And, I never, ever want to know what it’s all worth.

  9. I’m usually a lurker, but I cannot not comment on this fabulous stash. I recently lost my crafty room to kid #4, and have relocated to my bedroom. I had to go through my stash and get rid of some of it. SO hard to do.

    Like InkMom, I hate it when the cutting counter ladies ask what it’s for. I don’t know, I always reply. I just like it!

  10. Organizing books by COLOR?!! WHAT??? My MIL organized my bookshelf after baby #1. Never again. It was by height. Hello! It was already organized – alphabetical by author and subject. HEIGHT DOESN’T MATTER! Sorry, tangent. And the bookshelves in my house-to-be-sold are organized by a designer (friend of mine) and I will admit it is mostly by height, although a little more visually interesting that what my MIL did (tall over here, short over here).

    So I’ll organize my books, you organize your fabric, and at the end of the day, we can sit back and relax together while our kids destroy it.

  11. Beautiful. I am not good enough at sewing to acquire fabric dealers. I wish I were. I love looking at other people’s fabric stashes (and yarn stashes, and paint stashes, and button stashes…)

  12. I am right there with you. I spent 4 hours in my garage last weekend going through my trim/fabric/refashions in waiting bins. I love unfolding and refolding and just dreaming about what each piece might become…someday. I was determined to purge, but I was only able to part with a small box.

    I do covet the nice orderly way quilters fat quarters can be folded and organized all nicely and by color. When you sew everything but quilts, the stash always looks messy and unorganized with all the different pattern, textures, sized pieces.

  13. Those are delicious piles of fabric. I love even just seeing pictures of them. And I’m with you and Inkmom. Why do I need a project in mind to buy fabric?

  14. I have tubs of yarn, too. And brushes and paint. And writing journals. And sometimes I make cheese. I’ve always wanted to learn woodworking and Norm Abrams is my secret love.

    Am I only supposed to love one thing in life?!

  15. I think I’m scare of ever really having space to have a stash. I swore I would never do it…. heh. RIGHT! I *love* fabric. The quilt shop is 10 minutes away. 10. Minutes. There is a grocery store right there – a pet supply store and a Kmart. I can justify just about any errand around going to the quilt shop. It’s a beautiful thing.

    And when I don’t have fabric, I have Electric Quilt to just simply design quilts on and think about what I could do with the fabric (birthday present last year).

    But I don’t design for anyone but myself.

    I’m with you. To heck with learning just one thing. (Painting, scrapbooking, crachet, photography & editing- Oh MY). I Love quilting because I don’t think I’ll ever run out of things to learn about it and that it is so completely unique to every individual. And it’s tactile too.

    I guess I have good reason to fear the day that I have more than a couple shelves in a small closet for my quilting stuff (the other shelves are for all my other craft stuff. Because I get excited just thinking about it 🙂 Crack indeed.

  16. Fwiw, my crack den is the recliner in our living room – where I can blog and still be at the center of everything that is going on in our zoo.

  17. Good Tracy, now you can finish that one pattern I liked, it had great promise. My crack is paper. I bought stacks and stacks of awesome paper and cardstock before I ever started making cards. In fact, I had to start scrapbooking and making cards to justify the paper!

    Like nikko I had to downsize and store some of my goodies when we moved to a smaller place. So lamey lamerson.
    I walked into the BEST used bookstore in Wisconsin and just about fell over! Then I was over weight for my baggage and had to carry some of them on the plane with me. Sure, lugging 5 pounds of books sucked, but it was worth it!

  18. nothing wrong with a little healthy addiction! I’m am addicted to chocolate, movies, and school supplies! I love to walk through the back to school aisles at the store and I could stay there for hours…just looking! But at least you have some great suppliers…mine all want $$$… ;o)

  19. Ok. I’m inkmom’s sister. She does have some really beautiful fabric… and I have some really beautiful fabric…. much of which has been purchased just because I can’t, under any circumstances put it down without some to take home with me. It IS an addiction. And I believe it is genetic. Because our mother… wow. Does she have a room. A room full of wonderful, beautiful, touch worthy, sigh worthy happily organized and color coded fabric. It’s a bit like heaven, I think…. I long for the day that I will have a den, or a cave, or even a corner… right now I have large storage containers stacked in various places throughout my house…

  20. Oh my eyes! My eyes! I am flying in tomorrow with some hanging baskets and a label maker. How could you do this to me????

  21. I organize books by height. Tall ones on each end of the shelf and the shorter ones in the middle. That way the shelf doesn’t sag so much.

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