AWOL Mama Checking In

Wow- I go away for the weekend, and I come home to crickets chirping and 150+ emails. I know, I know, I didn’t tell anyone I was leaving… Well, David knew- and Mo, but that’s about it. Details to follow. For now, we are lining up on the couch, a la Simpsons, with our flags and banners to watch the peaceful transfer of power of one of the most successful Republics on earth. Woo hoo! Go, us!

Set personal politics aside, and just marvel at what actually happens on January 20th. Really. It’s an amazing thing.

I’ll update Tuesday when I get all the chickens off to school and fill you in on my Secret Mission.

5 thoughts on “AWOL Mama Checking In

  1. Oh, a Secret Mission! How exciting!

    I enjoyed watching the Inauguration today and did marvel at the peaceful transfer of power. It does not happen this way in some countries.

  2. I missed the Inauguration this morning. I feel kind of bad, but I probably shouldn’t, as I always miss the Inauguration. I don’t think I’ve ever actually watched one.

  3. Secrets can be fun– I hope yours is!! You need some smiling fun-time secrets.

    I watched today, and it was AMAZINg how closed minded some were. Are. Like you say, regardless of personal beliefs- be respectful, listen, watch, be amazed. For no matter what your party preference, it was/is amazing!!!

    I was saddened though, I didn’t care for the poet, and I do love me some poetry.

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