Our New Ward

Our new ward is going to be wonderful. *sigh* Now I can stop worrying. Sister Rice-a-Roni was very nice, and it turns out I know two of her brothers from elsewhere. Mormon-World sure is small sometimes.

Two of my good friends got big callings- RS president and Primary president. Glad it’s not me, glad I’m in with the powers-that-be. In our old ward, the RS president was always an older, grandmotherly type woman- this time, the RS president is like a rock star. She’s younger, she’s hip, and she’s my friend! Coolness abounds.

All the teaching positions aren’t filled yet in primary (or RS or EQ or anywhere), so it was a nuthouse figuring out where to take kids, and who was watching them. Abby is the oldest in a nursery full of little boys- and she was a big bossy girl today! She never gets to be the big kid, and she was relishing it, from what I was told.

We got called into the Bishop’s office after church. No callings yet- he just wanted to meet us and get the scoop on the M’s. He seems like a decent, open guy, and we hear good things about him.

Beanie’s primary teacher from our old ward stopped by tonight. When I told him he was coming, he parked the piano bench in the front window and waited for her, then ran outside in his pink blanket sleeper and jumped into her arms on the front porch. I started crying. Stupid eyes. She brought him treats and a puzzle and lots of love. I adore this woman. Truly.

9 thoughts on “Our New Ward

  1. Oh, that is just sweet. She sounds like the kind of primary teacher Beanie would tell stories about in General Conference if he’s ever a general authority…you know, like President Monson’s teacher named Lucy (wasn’t that it?).

    I love rock star RS presidents.

  2. I suck as a primary teacher! (and as a visiting teacher…but that’s another story) How great of her to come over.

  3. Hooray! I’m glad that things are turning out well in your new ward. And that is a fantastic and loving Primary teacher! What a gift to have so many wonderful people surrounding you.

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