My Creeper


This is Abby’s “Creeper”. Her Princess Creeper, to be accurate. Santa brought her this little gem, and it is far and above her favorite thing in the whole entire universe. As I type, she is parked right next to me, on my desk, and shouting “MY CREEPER! MY PINK PRINCESS CREEEEEEEEEEPER! as she looks the photo I’ve pulled up on my screen. Right now. I’ve tried to say “com. pew. ter” and the best she can manage is “com. creeper”. So now we all call it The Creeper.

She sleeps with it.

It talks like Cinderella, and the most annoying thing is Cinderella constantly saying things like “Lovely letters!” or “Use your magic wand!” or “OH it’s beautiful!”- all in the best Amy Adams voice, straight out of Enchanted.

What IS IT with the Princess thing?? I am powerless in the face of all that pink and sparkles. It’s creepy.

14 thoughts on “My Creeper

  1. I have no idea. None whatsover.
    But it’s probably fundamentally the same as the thing with Sir O and trains.

    It’s like baby crack.

    Addictive sparkly stuff.

  2. My sister tried pushing the whole princess things are way, cause that’s what HER daughter is into.
    So glad Nona is into horses, spongebob and Ben 10 aliens.
    I DO have to admit though…I have a thing for sparkly and shiny 😛

    hope all is well!

  3. It’s PINK and it’s SPARKLY.


    I enjoyed my daughter’s princess phase because it was so easy to shop for her. If it was sparkly, it was automatically beautiful and much to be desired.

    To be honest, it was also rather liberating to have an excuse for buying lots of gaudy, sparkly stuff.

  4. Welcome to the “girly phase.” It can be fun – or at least easy to know what works for gifts from anyone, like mhw said. My experience is that it won’t last beyond age 8, give or take. Don’t worry – I’m sure Abby will still be able to get plenty dirty and hold her own with her brothers!

  5. That’s REALLY pink. Wow.

    That said, according to my mother the only non-Sunday shoes I would wear for at least 4 years of my life were pink velcro ones. And I completely wore out my pink tutu.

    I’m sorry about the annoying Cinderella voice.

  6. My daughter would love that. We’ve resisted quite a bit. When she says, “I’m a princess,” we say, “No. You’re not.” But she did get a princess dress for Christmas and she loves it and she looks lovely in it and now I think what was the big deal? Partly I feel we need to let her tap into princess gak a little bit so that she knows girliness isn’t bad. (She has 4 brothers.) Also her little brother looks lovely in the dress. 😉

  7. I welcome Disney Princesses big time. Considering my alternatives are Bratz and anything Nickelodeon which I won’t allow. They are always wearing their clothes and they don’t say all the rude things that are on the Nick TV shows.

    And on a side note…love that you got something with much noise that I didn’t provide 🙂 I knew I could get you eventually!

  8. Santa, in all his wisdom. left that exact creeper at our house for The Girl. She too insists on dragging with her WHEREVER she goes. I drew the line at taking into the potty with her.

  9. Fluffy, that’s too funny! Santa almost didn’t get it- he stood in the aisle of Target for quite a while arguing with himself about if it was a good idea. Santa argued For, Mama argued Against. Santa clearly knew what he was doing.

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