Slice O’Life


Our house, about 2 this afternoon. Mo is dancing with Flat Daddy, Abby is reading a book with the Creeper close at hand, Mira is patting juice on the table, and my darling Mr. M is doing the dishes. ‘Caus that’s how I roll.

It’s Friday, things are mellow, and other than the Lite Brite pegs in the dishwasher ($$ we don’t have; thank you Abby) all is well. Or at least what I’ve come to accept as well. We are not sick, we have our home still, we have no job, but we’re kind of getting used to it, and that’s it’s own kind of scary. Poor is the new Black. Or something.

And yes, I realize our version of “poor” is a far cry from real, bone-numbing poverty. We have food, water, shelter, clothing, faith and love. We also have the priveledge of paying a repair man $100+ to have him fix the Lite Brite peg-filled dishwasher motor, which some would argue is not a need at all, to which I would challenge them to a duel at dawn. That’s a long, long way from the poverty that grips souls the world over. And I am grateful for that grace.

So Friday night finds us at home. David is taking Beanie to the store to splurge on a piece of watermelon, which Bean has been craving,  and we’re have leftover carnitas tacos for dinner. We’ll probably catch a movie on the couch, and be in bed by 9. Happy Friday.

16 thoughts on “Slice O’Life

  1. Maybe she wanted to light up the dishwasher? Did you dance it out with Mo? That seems to always make the girls on Grey’s Anatomy feel better.

  2. That is a great slice of life! I’m grateful for your enjoyment of the simplicity of the afternoon. It helps me take a step back and see my life through a different filter.

  3. So a duel? What would be your weapon of choice? SOS, Mr. Clean, or maybe those long soapyscrubby wands? Wait. I think the challenged gets to choose the weapon. Wet dish towels at dawn?

    We’re always getting those mardi gras beads stuck in things. Currently our dryer is dead from a roll of nickels in someone’s pockets. When they say kids aren’t cheap, they are not kidding. My sympathies.

  4. Jami, the monster is contingent on what email/blog you are using. If you changed your email/blog platform, you get a new monster.

    And I’m a Bio Kleen gal. Are you challenging me? 😉

  5. Aww, come on…The least you could do when I’m making an extremely dorky face is chop my head off. In the picture. I’ll keep it in real life, even if it is dorky, thanks. What WAS I doing anyways?
    “They’re break dance fighting” Quick, name the movie!
    I’ll see your dishwasher and raise you a garbage disposal. Man, what I wouldn’t give to have one of those again….

  6. So much fun!
    Were you dancing to Rick Astley?
    …”We’re no strangers to love…you know the rules and so do I…a full commitment’s what i’m thinking of…you wouldn’t get this from any other guy”…
    “I just want to tell you how i’m feeling…Gotta make you understand…”
    …”Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you…”


    cheers to always having laughter and merriment in the home…

  7. I love a house full of people.
    I wish there was some way to have one besides incubating and giving birth to them.
    Sorry about the dishwasher. I wish I had one so I could REALLY feel for you.
    But you know how I feel about dishes. And laundry. Go hug your machines.

  8. Fly out here and my 9 year old could even duel you…dishwashers are meant for the occasional sanitizing 🙂

  9. I’m glad you had a moment of zen. If even for a moment. The crazies are enjoyable sometimes. It gives us legitamite reasons to not live like those people in The Age of Innocence. I just tried to read that book and just can’t stomach the snooty rich so I had to stop. There is some level of reveling in our poverty that makes life fun. Do you think rich kids ever get the joy that comes from permanently disabling the family dishwasher? What fun is it to throw light bright pegs in there if it just gets fixed again?

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