The Tea Party Obsession


1) First, you line up the Princesses and introduce them to your guest. Guest is obligated to greet each Princess by name, otherwise Tea Party Controller will continue to insist, in louder and lounder manner, at the name of each Princess.

2) Next, the Princesses all spin around the face The Controller. Guest must continue to pay rapt attention.


3) Once all Princesses are about-face, the party can begin.


4) By the end of the raucous festivities, “Sweeping Dooty” has gotten her jiggy on, and is swimming in the tea-cup and the other ladies cheer her on. The Controller shows her pride by putting on her Unfortunately Official Camera Smile.

9 thoughts on “The Tea Party Obsession

  1. Who knew Sweeping Dooty was such a party animal? That is one of the cutest things ever. I showed this post to my DH and now he thinks we need to get Peanut some Princesses. Because, you know, her obsessing over “Princess Beauty” the DVD is not enough.

  2. HSF, Uncle Todd bought them for her for Christmas- while I never would have, she LOVES THEM MORE THAN LIFE ITSELF. He was right.

    Seriously, girls are SO different- no matter what I offer, she just is different- I love it.

  3. I absolutely love this post. I love the way you wrote it, and Abby’s smile, and all her beautiful princesses! She is adorable!!

    It makes me miss this stage with my girls. The 6.5 year old will still play with her princesses, but often ignores them trying to do what her older siblings do. When she’s on her own she will still choose princesses, but not like she used to…

  4. This reminds me so much of my girl in her days gone by. That abby is a true girl (and there really is something hard wired into their brains that makes them love pink and princesses. Disney is taking over the world…)

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