Random Crap: Winter Blah

I’m kind of in the doldrums lately- hence the low quality, low frequency, high-photo reliance of my writing. Sigh. I just don’t have much.

It’s Febraury. Yippee. It just means we are that much closer to Spring, and that’s all I really care about. I love living in the northwest, but this winter has been horrendous, and I’m sick of the cold, sick of ice, sick of having the kids in the house because it’s too icky and icy to play outside. Be gone! That’s all I have to say about that.

David is a smeller. HE doesn’t smell, but he smells everything. He loves new clothes because of how they smell, he smells towels, pillows, washcloths, he even smells the dishes when they come out of the dishwasher. So yesterday, he was holding Stella (the parakeet, remember?). He smells her, and decides she needs a bath. That’s right. He washed the freaking bird in the kitchen sink. Then he lit the fire so the bird could dry off and be warm. For better or worse, folks, for better or worse.

Our new ward is shaking out better and better. I got called to teach Sunday School, and I think it will be OK. The people are really nice, and I like having a calling that still lets me get to Relief Society.

I start piano lessons in an hour. For the first time in my life. She asked me what I know, so she could figure out where to start me. I told her I was in church for about two years before I realized the notes in the hymn-book went up and down the same as voices in the song. Yeah, I wish I was kidding. I know NOTHING about music. We will be starting with “This is middle C.”

I have about a dozen thank-you notes to write for awesome things at Christmas- I apologize en-mass, and promise, they are on their way. I like to write individual thank-yous on special paper- and I just need to buckle down and do them. A bland thank-you that you get is better than a pretty one that’s just a thought, right? Man, I suck.

My laundry is completely done. All of it.

Right now? My awesome husband is doing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen, while I sit on my tookus and blog. Jeffrey is doing homework, Abby is playing V-Smile and Beanie’s bus isn’t here yet.

16 thoughts on “Random Crap: Winter Blah

  1. Thanks for reminding me that I need to finish my laundry.

    How did your piano lesson go? Forgive me if I’ve said this too many times before, but the wonderful thing about the piano is that it’s never too late to learn to play it well. (Or at least competently.) Both my husband and I play the piano, and we thought that I could teach the kids, but no, that isn’t really working out so well. (They don’t believe a word I say, which is why we don’t homeschool, either.) So maybe they too will have to wait until they’re adults to learn. And it won’t be too late! That’s the wonderful thing.

  2. Random doldrums are so much more entertaining when you write about them!

    Hang in there; spring will eventually arrive. I’m hyping it for myself, too. A daughter’s band concert was cancelled tonight because of MORE snow. My kids are hoping for a snow day tomorrow. Because the FOUR they had last week weren’t enough, obviously…

  3. um., you know my solution to the whole snow thing, but you still refuse to move here.

    Teaching Sunday School ROCKS!! It’s my favorite calling of all time. What class are you teaching?

    It’s awesome that you are taking piano. You go.

  4. Oh, I’m so excited you’re taking piano lessons! I’ve been teaching kids/teens for seven years, and love it. But the two adults I have now are my favorites. Shhh. Don’t tell.

    Man, I sure wish I lived a bit closer and I’d teach you. That would be fabulous. You will make a wonderful student. Your creative soul will go far.

  5. My two cents is that sitting on your tookus and blogging is perfectly productive in it’s own way.

    I can’t tell if you’re excited about the piano lessons or not. I’m excited FOR you, for what it’s worth. I would love to be learning something new, I’m just having a hard time finding a workable avenue for it right now.

  6. This winter I realized that I really really want snow over the option of dormant grass and leafless trees. That is hard to look at everyday. The neighbors of mine that moved from Seattle say they would much rather have the dry than all the rain, but I am not so sure. It is hard to have doldrums!

  7. This winter I have not missed snow at all. I missed it last winter, my first winter in Arizona, but this winter I have been enjoying not usually needing a sweatshirt when I go outside, not needing warm clothes for the baby, no shoveling, no freezing toes, and looking at the neighbors’ beautiful winter grass.

  8. Tracy don’t faint!!! It was 72 here yesterday and I do not have to tell you how much I HATE snow!!! Hang in there sweetheart!!!

  9. Sunday school teacher – awesome! You’ll be great.
    Piano lessons – good for you! I’ve been wanting to take lessons again (I quit when I was in middle school) but we don’t have a piano and I have no idea where I would put one if we did get one.

  10. Washing the parakeet isn’t too bad. My husband washes all of the cash that he gets. He’s not OCD in other ways, but I’m with you. For better or for weird.

    Sorry about the cold. Congrats on the mom comment.

  11. Sorry for the total threadjack – but cash? Like, as in, money?

    Hi Tracy’s Mom! Wonderful daughter you have there.

  12. Great job for you.. SS teacher…

    BTW…I consider the words “I got the laundry done, all of it” a thank you enough for anyone that gave you stuff. That is a christmas miracle (in our house anyway…).

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