Crash Boom Smoosh

What now? Honestly, I’m wearing out. On a trip to Walgreens to pick up some toilet paper, David got t-boned in our Suburban. He’s fine. It wasn’t his fault at all. He was going straight, and a teenage girl on her cell phone made a left turn right into our drivers-side door. It’s fixable, it’s minor, but damn, I don’t want to have to deal.

Her dad called us and asked if he could pay cash to have it repaired and keep it off the books. That makes me nervous, but friends say people do it all the time. We already called our insurance, so it might be too late anyway. I don’t know. We’re going to need a rental car and to deal with car insurance people. Because fourteen months of unemployment is not enough fun alone…

Damn. Damn damn damn. Maybe tomorrow I’ll take a picture. Damn.

7 thoughts on “Crash Boom Smoosh

  1. go through your insurance, it saves a lot of headaches (though sometimes they can cause some too!), they can be the go-between for you.
    And I’m sorry, hope David is okay, that is so scary!!!

  2. We let the girl who hit us pay cash and it was no big deal, but you do have to consider that your hubby might have neck/back issues later that you might need their insurance to pay for. Does this guy really have enough cash to pay for your suburban? I wish I was him! (or at least I wish I had his money. 🙂

  3. Not something else! So sorry that you have to deal with another issue on top of everything else.

    Trying to see a positive – at least David wasn’t hurt. And the suburban wasn’t completely totaled – because (speaking from experience) what you get from the insurance company isn’t the same amount necessary to replace an equitable vehicle!

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